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05 Mai 2005

"Who Wants To Be A Christiannaire", part deux

Today's Most Interesting Find is the all new 'Need God' Test. Proving that you either ARE or AREN'T going to Hell in a few short mouse clicks. Get your results today! Start planning!

Please note that if you find yourself in a profession requiring 'thick skin' from constant rejection, where you tell yourself that rejection just makes you stronger and whatnot (e.g. grad school, making cold calls about retirement plans, professional actor, etc.) you might find yourself feeling "Damn foiled again!" whilst taking this test.

I probably don't need to tell you that I am not perfect and therefore did not get all the test questions correct. My outlook is grim.

Thankfully, these test-maker authorities have provided convenient links to products they sell for me to get on track. Isn't that nice of them?

Fret me!


At 05 Mai, 2005 11:20, Anonymous Gina the Graceful said...

Does that fact that you're headed to Hell concern you?

I love that question. I love salesy Hell-fire talk. Where do I sign up for the 8-weeks salvation plan? Can I defer my payments to a 12-month easy-pay system? More importantly, can I have this payment directly debited from my bank account? Do I get an little extra "in" with God for making a lump-sum payment?

They could consider a web site name change of "" Might get better web traffic from search engines.


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