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07 Mai 2005

Firecrack THIS

Once again I got on the horn to local noise control on my idiotic neighbor college-boys' butts...this time not at 3AM for their classic rock fests with more wattage that is couth for neighboring apartment dwelling, but rather at 11 AM or so, when they were lighting off fireworks and firecrackers in the parking lot. It was a Beavis & Butthead fest. Hehe, yeah, let's light shit on fire, heheh, that's fun, hehe it's loud.

And with that, I present to you, with a fully scornful perspective, Pennsylvania's Most Interesting Losers. They live in a building that is kitty corner from mine and often sit on this little ledge where I park my car. So I'm often eyeing my car to make sure nothing 'happens'. I know that they live in this apartment accross from me because they crawl in and out of their bottom-floor apartment window instead of using the door.

This one kid, I call him "Drunk 'n High", is always flapping his jaws on his cell phone and/or playing frisbee with his friends with beer bottle in hand at any given time. So I am privvy to everything he says about screwing this or smoking that or whatever, it's very charming. I'm all for people enjoying nice weather and hanging out with friends outside. And NO one likes loud music more than I do. But just to give you an idea, even my friends who came over for my birthday noticed how loud he is when he's yapping on his phone, so this is not me being hypersensitive. For you see, and this is why I get all riled up in the first place: the sound travels -directly- into my apartment windows in crystal clear stereophonic style.

Oh, precious! As I'm writing this, another one of the Crawl Out Of the Window guys has fired up his Harley! This always takes at least 20 minutes, for he and his friends have to listen to that engine rev and he has to have a smoke before actually getting on the bike (and don't give me anything about how the engine needs to warm up...). The sound is SO non-annoying!

So yes, now one tactic would be to prop my amps in the window and just whip out power cords at full volume, but I don't want them to think I'm joining them. I want to beat them. I don't care what they think of me and will use my citizenly rights to file complaints as often as I need to. Although I am going to start asking the noise complaint guy what they actually do to follow up. Like if you get a certain number of complaints, do you get evicted? Hmm...

But the true tragedy is: Why do these boys have no clue? Who in life has NOT told them that this kind of behavior should stop at age 8 or so? Who is wasting their tuition money on these boys?

I'm not worried about these 'neighbors' seeing this blog, I'm sure they can't read.

And on a more positive note: it is endearing to see them putzing around doing guy things, there is a certain bond that guys have that I think women just have in a different way, and I think this bond is really I am sure they are not 'bad' kids. BUT the lack of consideration is just to barf for.

Wow am I lucky that the neighbors who live in my building are super cool grad student/professionals!