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22 August 2005

Cheers 'n Jeers

Got this idear from Malfeasance, 'cheers' n 'jeers' of The Borough. Be sure to check his blog and inquire about 'yodelling in front of the library' and maybe, just maybe we can collectively get to the bottom of that crazy caper. OK, the list here below has no social value or even reading pleasure unless you want something just poofy and devoid of greater context. But sometimes that's good.

Try this on your blog, I dare you. I could air a whole laundry list here so I'll limit writing to five mins and not touch any 'political issues' or 'mushy things' just to keep it light and fluffy. Just like cable TV.

Keep in mind I'm listening to Amy Grant's version of Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee (I like to mix my Beethoven with my Amy), which by the way, and if you haven't heard it you are missing out because when I hear it I am (unusually) hard pressed to find many 'jeers'. A stellar arrangement, ever mellowing voice and sweet musicianship. So 'cheers' to that, first and foremost.

Jeers: construction, erm, beaufication processes on campus. At least I can pretty much walk straight to Burrowes now...albeit with dust on me high heeled sandals.

Cheers: still warm weather

Jeers: A/C all over that is like 87 degrees colder than it needs to be

Cheers: hail hail the gang's all here, seeing old friends again in the Borough

Jeers: no 'Semmel'

Cheers: no classes this semester

Jeers: more work than ever before

Cheers: more work than ever before

Jeers: prudity to the extent of obnoxiousness. "boobs, oh my gawd! And a man's butt!" Whatever.

Cheers: the Dolly Parton lyric: "'ve been steppin so they say / between midnight and day / so I'm gonna sleep with one eye open from now on..." I'm sorry, that's just clever!

Jeers: my organism at the moment. I need more iron or something

Cheers: Cable TV at Josh and Becca's so I can gets me the doses of VH1 'newsy' shows

Jeers: the mess in my apt which does not disappear despite my attempts at removing it. What, as I get older am I getting worse at basic domenstic maintenance? Where's my houseboy?

Cheers: the internet/s

Jeers: Starbucks, two locations in the first district (historical center) of Vienna. Paper cups and plastic lids in front of centuries of ambience. Swell! By the way, I can complain, I'm a shareholder

Cheers: "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. Admit it, it's super catchy

Time's up. Now you go:


At 22 August, 2005 22:15, Blogger Emily:) said...

Excellent cheers and jeers! I'm inspired to do my own list, perhaps tomorrow. Right on about the "beautification" of campus though!! What's with making Willard the new garden of Eden? And early Backstreet Boys is good no matter what others say!!!

At 22 August, 2005 22:41, Blogger Joschka said... plan has worked...soon all of blogland will cheer and jeer it up...

At 23 August, 2005 15:22, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi Lisa! Great idea. too bad about the plastification of Wien. Cheers: Cindy Sheehan Jeers: Chewing gum, and the ubiquitous and meaningless word AWESOME. Enjoy your no classes! You lucky canard. Love,Cindy


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