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04 August 2005

London Calling

greetings from Terminal 4, Heathrow. There's this super cool espresso stand behind me at this internet kiosk (finally a place to dump all my British coins, they were bogging down my carry on); I bet the barista is totally reading this as I type. David Grey's 'Babylon' is on his sound system and it's making me feel like I'm some cool Brit film ('Yank finds love at internet kiosk...starring Miss H as herself!')

Woo hoo I'm in Londy!

The flight from PA to London is only a bit longer than PA to Seattle so it was mangeable. Cramped seats, movies, yadda yadda. I bet since I haven't slept well for a while I'm gonna totally crash, er, not good word for the semantic field of 'air travel'--er, sleep as soon as I hit the seat to my next flight to Wien here soon. All usual here at T4: I bought my beloved facial wipe cleansers at Boots and the girls at duty are serving sample shots of gin and other spirits. How's that for breakie?

It's nice to see that some things stay reliable. Beautiful sunny morn here in Londinium: more later. I'm off to Wien and then likely no sleep til at least 1AM or so, it's a hard knock life.

Comment! I wanna be kept abreast of what you are up to!


At 04 August, 2005 12:50, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi Lisa` I LOVE BOOTS!!! Still using the nail brush I got there whilst working at The Globe...any REAL Cadburys in sight? Just got my pix from Alaska back...good one of you three girls in front of the saloon in Juneau. Off to Fedex to send my Mom a homemade chocolate cake for her birthday..89 on the 7th. Yikes. Yes, it was 97F and I had the oven on. Familial devotion. Have fun in to Linde et famille. XXXOOO Cindy


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