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22 Juni 2005

No, my nose is not broken...

...thankfully. I did completely thwack the crap out of my nose on Sunday night (if you are lucky, I may tell you HOW someday) and have some really hottie bruising action around my right eye. Thankfully, my mom was able to take me to a doctor (Yup, you heard correctly. Been years since my mom and I have been in the same town when I've needed to go to the doctor so I took advantage. It's always better when mom takes you) today to learn than no, it's not broken. Whew. Cause then I would have felt like a REAL heel. But, the eye/s should get more black and blue over the next few days.

The timing of this could not be MORE opportune. I'm figuring to be the TOTAL belle of the ball on our upcoming Alaska cruise departing Seattle on Sunday the 26th. All the gentlemen callers are going to be lusting after me most heavily, especially on the evenings requiring formal attire. I will ROCK the casbah on board, not to mention the lido and all the decks for that matter. SO pretty!

Oh, I know, I'll make sure to take my Nordic Walking sticks on the trip. Now, you many or may not know that Nordic Walking is similar to x-country skiing but you do it in non-snow conditions, e.g. walking anywhere. It's super basic and super excellent exercise. Great for strengthening your core muscles. Well, apparently though since no one even knows what the sport IS here, not even at the world famous R.E.I. with the flagship store in Seattle-freaking-Washington, people look at me when I use the sticks in a manner which suggests,"Hmm, she doesn't LOOK handicapped" or "look at the retarded lady!". So, my point is, and I'm sure you've already put two and two together, is that if I use the sticks combined with my nose/eye issue, I will have the chance to take on a potentially entirely new persona, should I elect to do so. Professional athlete with sports injury and/or physically and/or mentally unable in one or more ways? Ah, the possibilities are delish.

Moving right along, I can't get any work done, I'll just up and say it. It's a rainy day here today so I'm just using the weather as an excuse to do Jack Diddly. It's been gorgeous and sunny lately, which, in the Pacific Northwest, means you get outside and do something fun instead of piddling about at your desk. If you can afford the time to get out, natch. I went sailing on Saturday on Elliot Bay (Puget Sound), which, as I like to say, did NOT SUCK. I even got to take the wheel while my skipper friend set the sails. On Sunday I visited with some good college friends who have a brand new baby...kid #2! So sweet, but it was a bit hot out and I think he was pretty uncomfortable, poor little guy. Man, I can't believe they have TWO sons. Oh wait, that was Monday, it just FELT like a Sunday. Now my grandparents are also here so it's super busytown in the house and environs. Later today I am heading down to Seattle Center to a b-ball game today with some other friends, including two ten year olds-- I better get my snot jokes ready.

Wine tasting on Saturday with some Sigma Kappa sisters (the infamously very unofficial and fully unendorsed 'wino sisterhood' event, how can a girl say no?) from WAZZU and then fabulous departure on Sunday to the cruise dock. Sigh. It's a hard knock life.

I don't want this to sound mean in any way, but I'm missing Most Interesting Penna (a) not in the slightest (b) hardly (c) very little or (d) all of the above! Why can't we have the campus and all the cool people attached to it move HERE? Well, then there would be the issue of no good cheesesteaks or shoefly pies. Not to mention the accents. Seriously, it'll be great to get back but when I do I'll just be in super work mode...which aint half bad. But for now, it's a luxury to have some away time to do work and to have some, dare I say it, VAY-KAY.

If you don't comment, I don't know you're here! Even those wanna-be-mysterious 'anonymous' posters are welcome, the weak slackers.


At 22 Juni, 2005 15:48, Anonymous Anonym said...

methinks i the troll has u confused. lol.
we need a black eye pic! its so punk rock. as paris would say "that's hot". funny, i have a weird fascination with "bad girls with black eyes". especially in evening attire.

enjoy your wine. st. michelle is so french! like i've ever been to france... watch out for the bushies protesting out front tho.

that is so funny about the nordic walking! i can hear the convo now... poor thing! she's trying to ski with no snow... so that's how she got the black eye... she's special!

really tho,

the u.s. is so behind europe in many areas so just brush off their ignorant comments about your new hobby!

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous

keep posting, we're all listening!

At 22 Juni, 2005 21:16, Blogger Gina Grace said...

I can't top THAT Comment, so I won't even try. I'll just add that yes, Seattle is great- but any town in which you don't have to go to work everyday and pay bills gets a "GREAT" rating in my book. Take it from the girl who lived and worked in Huntington Beach and hated it...

Driving to work everyday along the Pacific Coast Highway would have been WAY better had I not been driving :)

At 23 Juni, 2005 02:10, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Yes, precious indeed. Hmm, Ste. Michelle, I hadn't thought of that, thanks for the tipoff!

Grace--No kidding. And I'm noting that Seattle and environs shuts down by 9pm. What's up with that? State College bars are looking good about now. Wow, that is SUPER scary.


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