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03 August 2006

left coastin'

Again, I'm in my apartment, sweating, getting grades together and thinking about how much not getting other things done is stressing me out. Also packing for a jauntles up to NYC then the Maritimes, more on that later. Meanwhile, join in the Wave of Longing for the PacNW homesickness, featuring sentiments by The Wendy Lady and Ginapalooza whose musings best surmise my thoughts.


At 04 August, 2006 20:26, Anonymous Ruth said...

well, it's mighty hot here in the Mid-South (to hyphen, or not to hyphen). It was about 160 degrees in my car the other day. Eugh. Still, I love AC.

And did you know that Memphis has /will have earthquakes? No one told me that before I took the damn job.


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