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10 Juli 2006

Thou Shalt Not Steal...and other life lessons from childhood shows

OK, I'm on a retro TV kick and YouTube dot com is simply smashing. I need something to get over France losing the damn World Cup final yesterday. To Italy? Prego. That sucked big-time. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled for Italians. But this year's Azzuri squad was just plain mean at times. At least Mauresmo finally got her Wimbledon win, so the French should be happy about that. Although in the back of my mind I can hear any number of Frenchies going "yes, oui, d'accord, but we are not known for...TENNIS!". Alas.

So for now that tee-vee archives just keep on comin'. Now I can finally view clips of Facts of Life that I was not old enough to watch after Diff'rent Strokes, as a kid. Blair and Jo were just the coolest older role models ever. They were so edgy, so different, so sophisticated. I mean, their hair and wardrobe alone were enough to elevate them to new levels of Most Cool.

Click here for Jo doing the five finger discount for Mrs. G:

While I'm at it, Electric Company is where it was AT! Does anyone remember that E.Co. cartoon sketch with, "It's the plumber, I've come to fix the sink!" 'Cause if you do, it's on YouTube. Sweet!

Half hour comedy shows just don't seem to be what they used to be. Seriously. Where is the genius of shows like Good Times and All In The Family (or insert Norman Lear show here).? They told it like it was.


At 12 Juli, 2006 01:41, Anonymous Anonym said...

joe was kinda butch, but i still liked her. kinda like a female fonzie... (im a guy)

blair was too snobby and "pretty"
good times is deep if you get into it... it really was ahead of its time... i just got through all the episodes on nick at nite. watched about 3-4 a day. T.G.F.T.

At 15 Juli, 2006 09:55, Anonymous anne said...

I thought Jo was like a female Danny (John Travolta)...I was kind of scared of her and her tough- guy accent

Funny to see her now and realize that she was, in fact, constantly scowling/ aggressive looking! Where was her accent supposed to be from? (possibly the same New Jersey neighborhood that Karate Kid was from?)

Suburban/ Eastside Viewer

At 21 Juli, 2006 13:25, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Well, I didn't watch the WHOLE thing, cause that was like... the ENTIRE episode of Facts of Life, but all I can say is:

If Natalie would have put HALF of her moral conviction about shop-lifting into saying NO to premarital sex, maybe she wouldn't have ended up KNOCKED UP.

And everyone just assumed it would have been Blair...

PS- I'd forgotten how in love I was/am with Nancy McKeon.
PPS- why are there no online surveys that can tell me which Facts of Life Character I am?? My luck... I'd be Mrs garret.


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