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31 August 2005

What a knob

Bet Bush is glad the Nat'l Guard resources and Army Reserves are in Iraq and that the budget that could have been used to repair repariable levees is, oh, all locked up in the laughable 'war on terrorism' guise. Nice oil pipeline running thru Louisiana too. Gas prices up, who benefits? Hmm...

DOH! I'd feel like a heel in his place. More needless loss. The whole thing is a giant clusterfuck.

This Hurricane Katrina damage is a mess, on several levels.


At 31 August, 2005 21:04, Blogger Emily:) said...

I know, I feel so bad about Louisiana and Mississippi. Thos poor people. you could always do the American thing and give money. I donated $5 to the Red Cross. it's not much but every little bit helps:)


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