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28 November 2005


Ah, the holidays are a-nearin' and I have zero to minus ten degrees of desire to get back to much-needed work at hand, so I'm going to take a quick break to post some Thanksgiving meal pics: food for an army, whipped up by yours truly & co. I do believe that my weeks of nordic walking have been made redundant due to Very Large Portions and No Regard to Degree of Fat in Any Given Serving. 'Tis the season...

So here you are, in photo essay style to lay out the chronological landscape:
(1) Peelin' the taters
Image hosted by
(a little skill I developed (a) in the slammer (b) my years as a Navy cook on that aircraft carrier or (c) in Central Europe-- you be the judge!)

(2) pre-prep: the Kosher turkey meets the ham (mwhahaha!):
Image hosted by
(isn't that just a 'tres' scandal combo? I didn't realized the ten-pounder we'd picked out was Kosher. But I took it on as an adventure and now I can say, "Oh the turkey? Everything was cool, it was totally kosher." )

(3) I present: the rutabaga, a Hoondlee family tradition--questioned by no one; loved by all.
Image hosted by

(4) The rutabaga: a new perspective:
Image hosted by

(5) Herr Malfeasance himself and the 'crack packets' (okay, so it's powdered sugar, but crack packet sounded funny at the time.)
Image hosted by

(6) Ah, there are those potaters again...
Image hosted by
(any good wannabe Hausfrau knows that exfoliating with the same steam from your holiday potatoes is the pinnacle of savy time management AND skin care...)

(7) "Ohhhhhhhh! more GRAAAAvy!"
Image hosted by

(8) Any large meal needs appetizers (you know that time between taking the turkey out and letting it sit for a half an hour so the juices redistribute? SO hard to not be starving during that period.)
Image hosted by
(Mozzarella balls and a 'melange' of olives, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and garnished with fresh simple, so cheap, so light, and so a way to impress your guests! Add some good prosecco to the mix and you've got magic.)

(9) And the bird!
Image hosted by
("Bite me, Martha Stewart!")

(10) Serving up...
Image hosted by

(11) "MORE SPARKLES!" (Malf., 2005)
Image hosted by

(12) ...and homemade pies. Note the lattice-top apple pie, home of the mysterious "Apple Pie Thigh" caper 2005...
Image hosted by

OK, hope you enjoyed the above photographic evidence of debauchery, and that your Thanksgiving was swell as well. It was a fun weekend, topped with going out on Saturday night for a drink or two (or 'eighty-seven'; after two, who counts, really?) and meeting some new out-of-towner-never-to-be-seen-again friends, and of course, continued chowing down on Thanksgiving feast items. Anything to deny the workload! I think this whole weekend is why I'm so damn tired right now. Too much fun! Too much dish washing!

If anyone wants some pie, DO stop in.


At 28 November, 2005 19:14, Blogger Joschka said...

more sparkles!

At 29 November, 2005 09:36, Blogger The Wendy Lady said...

I didn't know anyone actually eats rutabegas, I always thought it was just a fun word to say! :)

At 29 November, 2005 18:08, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi Lisa..looks like the place to be...LOVE the little ceramic flowered thing on the stove....with the handle...tooo cute! Love, Cindy

At 12 Dezember, 2005 14:09, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Did you cook that bird with its neck/butt open? It looks like a sleigh ;)

At 14 Dezember, 2005 01:40, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

yeah, exactly, the kosher, open-a** bird.

No, we'd carved the one side and then realized I hadn't gotten my annual (or whenever I make the turkey) Turkey Oooh and Ahh Photo. Now you know why I'm laughing in the picture.

I commend your astute observation skills. Consider data collection!


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