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29 April 2006

Blog question du jour...

...ok, and this will be an absolutely riveting entry, but I need some fluff to combat all the heavy intellectualizing going on elsehwere.

It must be the sunshine, or that I finally went grocery shopping after ages of having no fresh food items in the pad.

Actually, I think it's that I had SO much pizza yesterday and have eaten SO much cake lately and have moved SO little that I'm kinda feeling comatose-sluggish. OK, but I did have my bike repaired, shelling out enough clams for the tune-up to make me think 'wait, this isn't much less than I paid for the bike in the first place", so you may again see me trapsing around campus on my cruiser, yes, still with the front basket.

Alas, I am still craving the 'za', so to wean myself off, I made some at home today for lunch. Whilst concocting this creation, it dawned on me that I would call this one "Pizza Lisa"* if I opened a pizzeria. Normally I go for mushroom and ham, or garlic, spinach and sausage, or piles of veggies, but those would not be my signature pies.

So, my Most Interesting question to you is: what would your 'signature' pizza be on my menu? Comment away!

Mille grazie!

* Light tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, salami, garlic, pepperoncinis, topped today with a few garlic lemon grilled prawns-although those are entirely optional, as they make the whole thing WAY rich. Pie well done. OMG so gooood. Nothing low-fat about this situation. In fact, I am really gonna try hard to get my grades submitted and NOT take a nap first.


At 02 Mai, 2006 16:14, Anonymous anne said...

I too have been making pizzas--- I do the pizza sauce, spinach, olives, mozzarella and then give myself quite hearty servings (she said, feigning restraint).

Last week a certain 68 year old relative suggested ham and bacon bits which made it REALLY taste like Pizza and Pipes, so--that's what I'll choose for Pizza Annabella. Mmm mmm mmm.

Age- wise, yes, I sometimes wince when I realize that I've been teaching creative dance for longer than any of my pupils have been alive. Mind you, they are preschoolers, but they are also who I spend a significant amount of time with and they're not little empty vessels!

At 03 Mai, 2006 07:53, Anonymous Anonym said...

Pizza Cynthia consists of smoked salmon and champagne. We just call it Pizza to fool the uninitiated! Love, Cynthia


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