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06 September 2007

Home on the Rain

DAY NINE: Spokane WA to Sammamish, WA

OK, so it's not raining here at all but we thought it'd sound clever to give a nod towards our home region's stereotype for rain. In fact, it is quite lovely here in Sammamish, WA--after unloading the trailer, "M" came over to get "K" and we ended up going to Mexican in Redmond with my Dad and...I need time to decompress from such a long and fantabulous journey.

3300+ miles, 12 states, no speeding tickets, no lost car keys or stolen items, clear sunny weather daily, so many new folks along the way, and a whole heck of a lotta fun. We have arrived!

A few pics from today--I am beat for now. Will add more later, so don't forget to let us know you are reading!

Good hydrations: this plastic garbage bag was FULL of our plastic bottles for recyling. We really absorbed lots of H20 and also fizzy drinks. Our booze bottles are not in here because they are glass, which gets a different bin and all. Thanks to Shanley for offering to recycle stuff in Spokane!

The triumvirate strikes again in Spokane...

Starbucks, Spokane: after an incredibly complicated time getting our drive-thru order settled with the baristas, "K" mused, "If I had left a tip, I'd be scrounging in the tip jar right about now to take it all back...!"

I bet this is what you think of when you picture "Washington, The Evergreen State", huh? But did you know WA is a massive producer of WHEAT, wheat and more what?

Swheat! Off Highway 2, east of Spokane. It's hard for us not to have Wazzu flashbacks in this kind of landscape...

Then the terrain starts to change...

We only have THIS far left to go...!

This is the only traffic holdup we experienced on our entire trip...(here: between Ephrata, Quincy and Vantage, WA)

...we are NOT amused by this situation.

Yes, there really IS a George, Washington. Complete with the 'Martha Inn' (now accepting credit cards).

What? You don't believe me?

Heading down towards Vantage, WA to the Columbia River to get on I-90. Still windy on this part of the drive just like it is every time one drives here, no matter how many years pass between such journeys.

Roll On, Columbia! ("I haven't been here since...the last time I was here." --Lisaopolis, 09/2007)

The Columbia River (at Vantage, WA)

Hark! What's that I see in the distance? It's Mount Rainier. A welcome reward for scaling the seemingly neverending Vantage Hill

Ellensburg, WA.

Quick trek to the Thorp fruit stand, Thorp, WA. "K" is considering leaving her husband for me because I'm always willing to stop for coffee, at fruit stands, and at general rural and/or folksy points of interest. Look, I don't make the news, I just report it.

Fresh and fragrant!

Getting closer to western WA...

Yay, the Cascade Mountains!

Lunch stop at McKean's for burgs in Cle Elum (since I am, after all, Little Lisa "H", of the Cle Elum "H's"). I think the ladies who work there just get crankier with each passing year. But the burgs do not disappoint.

Remember the 10,000 Silver Dollar bar knick-knacks I told you about yesterday? My new $3.00 ring has totally already turned my finger green, the piece of crap...

Madge's very last mountain ascent (up towards Snoqualmie Pass)

...and for the second time on the trip, she passes another vehicle.

Oh ya we are almost home.

Down we go...

Between North Bend and Snoqualmie

North Bend, WA: last turn off to a McD's iced coffee

Redmond-Fall City Hwy, woo hoo, almost there...

Home in Sammamish, WA: see? The trailer was actually totally empty the whole time...

Just kidding!

We hope you have enjoyed our travel blog--we have way more stories and classic one-liners than are humanly possible to post here since we were usually pretty tired after each day of driving. But it sure has been fun to share some of them with you. Anything else you want to know about the trip? Your comments, please!



At 06 September, 2007 07:59, Blogger Jacob van der Kolk said...

OMG..I love the dog in the last childhood dog was an Aussie...he's dead now [sniff].

At 06 September, 2007 11:55, Anonymous anne said...

Wooohhooo! Encore! Now it's time to jot down some key words from your trip, put them into a bag, then grab them and throw them into an order for a collage-singalong song, that's what I think. That last picture so matches the ending paragraph! Time for questions from your audience. What color toe-nail polish will be next? When you and K each find yourselves removing the last traces of blue polish, I do hope you'll call each other to report on what color is next. And I do hope you'll share. The exact name of the color would be nice.

At 06 September, 2007 12:04, Anonymous Anonym said...

Great blog....I have enjoyed it and you are still a character.
m.a. (Diva's mom)

At 06 September, 2007 13:31, Blogger The Wendy Lady said...

Welcome home!!! The pix made me really nostalgic for the Palouse, I never thought that was possible!

At 06 September, 2007 17:02, Anonymous Denise said...

Welcome back! I enjoyed reading and seeing your pics on the road. Talk to you soon!

At 06 September, 2007 22:30, Blogger tz said...

awesome pictures, glad you made it back safely!
maybe nothing got stolen because the trailer was empty?
ohhhh just kidding, i should read the next caption..

ok i was just kidding too
hey, i've been up at 4 two mornings in a row and instead of sleeping or studying i'm reading your blog...i should get a cookie for dedication...
seriously glad you made it back safe and sound and looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

At 06 September, 2007 23:02, Blogger Shannon said...

Welcome back... (insert the welcome back Kotter theme song with this:)

I have truly enjoyed reading about your adventures and can't wait to hear more as time passes. When we are sitting around sharing a few drinks and then each of you remembers something else from the journey!

We loved having you in Spokane for the tail end!

At 08 September, 2007 20:19, Anonymous Jon in CT said...

Great pics and commentary Lisa, glad Madge the wonderbuick with her tractor antenna ornament charm made it all the way, and that you're home safely!

At 10 September, 2007 00:27, Blogger femurface said...

Hey Lisa, Looks like your trip was super fun and eventful. This is Andrea, by the way. If you want to get a drink or dinner sometime, let me know.

At 12 September, 2007 14:29, Blogger Kat said...

Lisa: I have had such a blast reading your travel blog! I'm glad you are home safe and sound. Miss you!!!

(one of the LALS GALS!!!!)

At 21 September, 2007 06:08, Blogger Hamguin said...

You know, Lisa, I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind (friends and family excepted) actually paying any attention whatsoever to your blog.

Oh, thanks for mentioning that, Uncle Fritz (he exists only in my mind, as far as I can tell)! You are so right: my right mind has been on vacation for about three decades, and we are beginning to wonder if it will return. So, it is perfectly alright for me to appreciate what you have posted here.

I love these moments of real life (how can one fail to love George, Washington??), and I hope to see more of your adventures the next time I stumble by.


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