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31 August 2007

As they say, Missouri Loves Company...

Yay! Our little John Deere antenna ornament made it accross another state line!

DAY FOUR: Burlington, Iowa to Fairbury, Nebraska. Greetings from the Capri Motel in Fairbury, NE, where we have no phone signal but the wireless signal is A-OK, darn tootin'! We left the western bank of the Mighty Mississipp' this morning and tootled through southern Iowa and northern Missouri today on sideroads going west--look on a darn map and you will see that it is all westerly and makes sense so don't ask why. We are on vacation. Naturally, we had many adventures which we will share with you soon but which will have to wait since I am pooped. Even "K" is out of one-liners. Night night from the heartland!


At 01 September, 2007 03:32, Anonymous Anonym said...

Msg # 4 from this evening/actually early morning...Sept 1, 2007

Hey this is Tu-Ha - the dork.
I accidentally commented on the OLDEST BLOG of yours...That's right; I paged all the way down and posted 3 messages on April 2007 page.

Wow, what a dumbsh*t I am...
I meant to write you on this most recent blog...

Sorry from your Dorky friend
but my writing on the oldest blog is WORTH THE READ...

Luv and hugs,
Great to hear about your adventures,
Peace to ya,

At 01 September, 2007 11:57, Anonymous Anonym said...

great stories Lisa--and now that you're out of the flatlands you should see some great scenery--hope the car makes it over the mountains!

-Jon in CT

At 01 September, 2007 19:25, Anonymous Denise said...

I've been out of town but am finally able to check up on your roadtrip 2007. I wish I could remember some fun little diddies from our trip this summer. You missed the Testival Festival in Missoula already... I guess you could go panning for gold??? Hmm....

Drive safe! Say Hi to Kim!

At 02 September, 2007 00:09, Anonymous anne said...

Congratulationsn on embracing the art and necessity of slumber! That is some serious driving and photodocumentiarizing you're doing!


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