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27 August 2007

Snakey K's in the Heartland

Alas, the time has come when I must bid adieu to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to make way towards Washington State. Welcome to the Great Roadtrip Westward 2007. The U-Haul is loaded, the tire pressue has been checked, my travelling companion (code name "K") is here, we are well-fed and ready to get some sleep before heading off tomorrow at the crack of noon-ish.

We have four, NO, FIVE road rules established so far: you are kindly requested to post more in the comment section. We will do just about anything, so try us out. Within reason. Um, yeah.

RULE #1: no eating at chain-food establishments! (Starbucks excluded. As shareholders, we can make this rule up as we go)

RULE #2: each day, we must vote on and photograph the Most Interesting Thing of the Day and post our findings here on this blog!

RULE #3: drivers responsible for her own tickets!

RULE #4: locate a mechanical bull and "K" will ride for NINE SECONDS!

RULE #5: locate, browse and acquire 'unique items' at flea market or antique store, preferably near something...AMISH!

That's all for now. Tomorrow's goal is to (a) get out of bed and (b) hit I-80 West for a while. More later. We leave you with a few compelling photos:

Exhibit "A": the first U-Haul parking job of the day. "K" does not mess around.

Exhibit "B": "My hat is blue. My eyes are blue, my jacket is blue. My car is blue. But I am not blue" (lisaopolis, 2007)

Exhibit "C": "K's" home away from home--"Wait, I thought I called shotgun! This is so not what I meant... I'm supposed to ride in the, um, CAR":

Goodnight for now--we want to hear from you!


At 28 August, 2007 00:12, Anonymous Anonym said...

Lisa -

Very cool pix...nice looking blog! Even better...SO GLAD YOU ARE COMING WESTBOUND!! Can't wait to see you BEFORE the end of September... Maybe? I'm taking off for Houston TX Oct 5th...You'll be in Europe by then huh? Can't wait to hear about all the cool and interesting things that happen "ON THE WESTERN TRAIL."

To close, WORK has been interesting interpreting for all kinds of Vietnamese Family in WA state; Uncle Jimmy is quite interesting when he drinks; connecting with old friends - hope to make new ones... We'll see... My Dad's coming home from LA in 2 weeks. Enough of my boring set-up...


At 28 August, 2007 06:19, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi Lisa and K..I thought the I.D. was supposed to be on this trip?!! Look forward to future postings...have a bon voyage...Love, Cindy

At 28 August, 2007 06:51, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Hi! Do be sure to take advantage of Cracker Barrel's audio book rental program. A great opportunity to get all of your Louis L'Amour and quasi Christian fantasy novels banged out. And surely you could make a chain restaurant exception for the Cracker Barrel? Just be sure to return your last "book" before they go westernly-extinct: somewhere around Denver? Have fun!

At 28 August, 2007 07:52, Blogger psuacoustician said...

Good Luck! Drive Safe!

Eat any Regional Candy you come across... might be the only time you ever see the bar due to the mass extinction of small candy companies.

At 28 August, 2007 19:11, Blogger Gina Grace said...

I've just found my pet cause... the plight of the small candy company!!

At 28 August, 2007 20:27, Anonymous Kevin said...

Have you passed Cleveland yet? If not, check out Corky and Lenny's in Woodland Village, it's just a short distance off I-271 (which in itself is only a short ways off I-80). You can look it up at - best Jewish food outside of New York or Montreal that I've had! Keep us up to date on your anticipated locales and we'll try to find you tasty treats and sights along the way!


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