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20 Mai 2005

"Hi, I don't have my own blog!"

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I'll give you a hint at who this is: she's the outlyer of the Sullen Hijas Triumvirate, without her own blog. Can you even imagine? She goes by "A" and she tries to be real sly.

As you can see from the picture, I crossed of one of the things on my "Ten Things I Have Never Done" list as a penny thrown off the Space Needle thwacks "A" in the head.

That is all my sources will allow me to reveal at this Most Interesting stage as I await clearance to the next.

Comment if you think she should get Her Own Damn Blog for our enjoyment!


At 20 Mai, 2005 22:55, Anonymous annehundley said...

Ouch, that penny packs a punch!

I see my choice of "Other" as an identity means I must be
'ginst ya!

(aside: I think that preference for Bush's unpolished-ness is a HUMONGOUS draw for his office...So people feel like he's an underdog instead of an elite.)

I accidentally posted my last comment on the wrong page, but will accept credit for being Sly...

Hmm, I liked the "I'll say whatever I please!" mood of the blog, but am guessing that I have come across as DOUR. I like the fact that this picture is SHADY.

But what I really want to know is when this photo's from and What I packed in the tupperware...I want to say potato salad, but need some hints...

I am asking for hints and they have to be Believable and Be Nice please!

At 21 Mai, 2005 11:50, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

hheeh, got your atttention!

No, no 'other'-ly outcast intentions meant:) It's only a very slight does of Older Sisterly Public Humiliation which is really not meant to humiliate at all, JUST provoke....wheeee!

Hmm, Bush as an underdog, the linguist in me wants to keep exploring this argument of how he sets up his fact, people are writing books on this--how Bush and others use language to construct an identity which may or may not really reflect what is going on, WHATEVER THAT IS...dunh dunh dunh!

In his case, I'd say it's all as shady as your pic, hehehe;)

This is from when we went to that Storm game by bus from your Greenlake place, and we had snacks by the fountain beforehand, 'member? it potato salad? Tofu Surprise? Gluten Special? I recall it was a nice sunny day so we didn't eat stuff inside the Center House or Key Area.

You are my first Featured Guest Commenter, I can give you a re-occuring role, if you like;)

I'm bringing back 'that penny packs a punch'!

At 22 Mai, 2005 17:10, Anonymous anne hundley said...

Yes, I'd definitely like a re-occuring role. I'm realizing that I DO Want my own durned blog because you KNOW I have a lot to SAY!! I am currently getting great creative satisfaction from smaller projects like Eating Grapes. (Wow. It's shocking to read what comes out of my fingers. Celebrate your freak, C'MON!!! duh duh duh duh duh duh WHOOO HOOO!) Thanks for the timely reminder of when that picture was taken. Cool, can't wait to go to storm games with you. Remember the free promo sunglasses we got at that game? I'm hoping to walk down to Seattle Center this new pad is a nice walk away... Signing out for now!

At 22 Mai, 2005 23:27, Blogger Gina Grace said...

I just think it looks like she has a Space Needle growing out of her head. You might have that looked at soon. Looks a little like the cancers in the brochures that GP Bill sends on a regular basis.

But really- I like that picture. It makes me think, "Oh A!!!"

As far as getting your own blog, if you're anything like me, you think you have these intelligent things to say and then once you get your own blog, all the schmarts run and hide. Maybe it's just writers' block?

At 24 Mai, 2005 22:03, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

No, it's just that I'm schmarter than you both! mwhahahahah!


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