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18 Mai 2005

"Use the Force, Luke!"

The very first time I heard the word "DATA" was in an utterance by this bad boy:
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"Get the data tapes" or something like that. And in my I-was-old-enough-to-remember-going-to-see-the-ORIGINAL-Star-Wars curious state of growing into my own person, wondering, what is this 'data' of which he breathes heavily?

And to think that today my life revolves around data. It's a thing of beauty to reflect on the influence of Star Wars in my life. The need for Princess Leia buns notwithstanding.

Today I supply you with Most Interesting Reports on Centre County and Borough happenings: one of my anonymous informants has reported sightings of grown men dressed in Jedi costumes outside the 'Premier' movie theater/re in State College, PA. 'Premiere', is such a misnomer by they way, as this theater/re is in actuality a giant box in a parking lot towards the outskirts of town. It would be nice if it were IN town, so that going to it were more of an event. But the racing car seats and surround sound make a nice alternative to the other crap-yet-you-sneak-beer-in-so-who-cares movie houses. Anywhoo, I suppose this means that the much-awaited next installment of Star Wars is here.

I will be passing on this event, as (a) I was up all night watching some of Season 2 of The L Word; see, I have to get it out my system, it's either all or nothing with these TV shows, and now if I don't see the rest of the season I might die of curiosity. Some things I like in S2, some things remain very 'WTF?". Thank you to the psuacoustician for supporting my cable TV series crack habit and tempting me with jeest enough episodes that I can handle at a time while still longing to see how It All Turns Out. I am now therefore (b) catching up on sleep and (c) need to just spend some time reading before I write tomorrow or later tonight. A Friday noon deadline.

It's a super gorgeous day out and I'm treating it like a Sunday...feeling very much like I'm giving the Seven Deadly Sin category of SLOTH a run for its money.

Fret me!

Thank you to those of you who comment here, and to those of you who don't, pu-shaw.


At 18 Mai, 2005 15:57, Blogger Emily:) said...

Thanks for the props my friend:) When I went back again at 4 to try to get tix, not only were they sold out but there were even more grown men (who will probably live in their parents' basement forever) dressed up in full regalia swinging those bad boys around. Oy vey!

At 18 Mai, 2005 16:01, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

lol on the grown men living chez parents! Yes, I heard it's sold out, what craziness. I am going to go after the hype, so I can wear my Princess Leia outfit (original film, not Empire Strikes Back snake charmer get-up) and get the full audience attention I deserve.

At 18 Mai, 2005 16:05, Blogger Emily:) said...

Dude, if I had the balls, I'd totally wear the gold, Jabba-the-Hut Leia bikini to the movies. Well if I had the balls and I wouldn't freeze my ass off in the theater. Why the hell are movie theaters so cold btw? Can we ponder that one for a minute?

At 18 Mai, 2005 16:21, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Movie theaters so cold? Two words: air conditioning. The root of all evil in the United States. An uneccessarily artificial additional disturbance to our environment and our organisms.

It's called ceiling fans and opening the windows, folks, look into it. And in summer, it's hot, the way God intended. Deal.

I will admit that I do use A/C as a quick blast to cool off something like the interior of digustingly unbearable temperature-hot car. But otherwise...eeesssh, ick.

Hmm, this will be another blog entry once A/C time really kicks in. Thanks;)

At 19 Mai, 2005 07:11, Blogger JZ said...


You don’t know me, but I run a blog called “Dr. John” and I found your blog by surfing the blogger bar. To make a long story short, there’s something of a blog-chain going around wherein you blog “ten things I have never done” and pass it along to three other bloggers. Sounds dumb, but I guess it increases readership. Anyway, I got it from Dennis the Peasant however, I know no other bloggers, so I picked you (I'm also a budding guitarist, at the ripe old age of 35, but then SRV will do that to you). So that’s it: ten things you’ve never done.

At 19 Mai, 2005 11:08, Blogger psuacoustician said...

Lisa you missed out.... the bold.. the fighting... the light sabers (and you thought i was talking about LWord again...)

Star Wars Episode 3, while it left me kinda, well... disappointed in the plot line... had excellent ties to Epi 4 and the Score, and picture itself was well recorded/shot

go see it girl!!!

At 20 Mai, 2005 01:12, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

So, my eyes are all bugged out from 13 zillion hours of telly, but now I do know that the "L Word" is not "LISA".

Still love the characters, great show, but what's up with the darkness and unpeeling of those complicated layers on Season 2? Duhn dunh dunh!

Gosh, though, they could do with a few new token light sabers (not those kind, the real kind, jeesh!). I like the new young fresh fellow roommate, he was a good call to add in, and yes, he does look JUST FINE with his shirt off!

At 20 Mai, 2005 10:34, Anonymous annehundley said...

Okay, so my comment is more of a meta-fret comment.

I like the rhythm of the writing here! The spunky tournures de phrases and then


Yup. Am I supposed to be at all unclear about some of the things on Lisa's Ten Year Vision Statement?

Ten Things I've Never Done

Gosh, I wrote out my ten things and they're positive but depressing. I think this is why I usually do things in drafts and end up deleting a lot. Reading my ten things will not be a fun and satisfying experience for the reader. The list does expose a strange rhythm, which will highlight for the reader why I so much appreciate the rhythm of this blog. So scroll down at your own risk of feeling... murky/ unsettled. :)

1. Been totally forgotten
2. Been abused
3. Been unincluded
4. Taken on much of a risk for someone else
5. Made myself throw up
6. Been in a fight
7. Had to be the bad guy
8. Sewn curtains
9. Lived by myself
10. Been seen as a trouble- maker

So, the conclusion is that I have a certain kind of stability to share and appreciate that other people have a lot of wisdom to share.

That's all for now!

At 20 Mai, 2005 18:16, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

when oh when are you getting your Own Damn Blog? Myabe this comment area will help you scaffold into your own stable one, hehehe;)

I have to disagree with your #10, as your older sister; remember when I would give you my toys as hush-up payment for not telling on me? Stinky trouble maker...


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