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15 Mai 2005

Krasna nedel'a

[incidentally, this is one of my guitars not for sale...and I must work on html-ing those Slovak diachritics.]Image hosted by

All I want is a life full of relaxing Sundays.

I love my apartment because my bedroom fills with sunlight and before the sun sets it is a wonderland. And I love Sunday mornings, LOVE them. Sleeping-in cozy, coffee in bed, maybe not stopping at one cup; every other week or so a lengthy phone call with one out-of-town friend with whom I deeply converse and catch up with and then thinking I'll get so much done during the day and maybe doing it or maybe not.

Time passes differently on Sundays, thank god. I've been planning to head out to get some exercise here for about an hour, I may just in fact finally leave. And then maybe be diverted when driving by the video store for more Showtime series on DVD to accompany my evening work.


At 17 Mai, 2005 11:38, Anonymous anne hundley said...

Lisa you are so frigging fuHUNNNY!

I am wearing my I Do My Own Stunts Shirt right now and and I luhhv it.

This morning I read a silly book about communication am just so annoyed about some stupid habits-o-mine. The book is outdated and yes has a chapter on Assertiveness training! Something about how if you're a passive person you get really drained, feel righteous and may have digestive issues. Sounds like roll call to me! Then I was just now cleaning out my in- box, which is such a fun task as it is, and then even more fun to read the way I write (NOT!) I'm going to bring back that charming, over- done NOT- thing! neehhhhheahhh.

I just SO much enjoy reading your trains-o-thought, here, to get me out of my own crazies.

So I have a question for the online journaler: Do you write stream of consciously? I deleted a bunch of what I first wrote because it was just too crude.

Hmm. Light on Sundays sounds groovy. It's true that we live in a time of MEDIA OPTIONS.

Hope your day is good,

At 17 Mai, 2005 16:09, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

yes, it's more or less stream-of-consciousness with then editing and reflection, I actually find it quite enjoyable. The format allows me to see what looks good online too, like how I want to set up paragraphs and whatnot (I'm bringing back 'whatnot').

We are ready for you to start your Own Damn Blog so we can all be in the loop! Start an Assertiveness Triaining By Miss Anne ("I do all my own stunts!")


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