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29 Mai 2005


Today's Most Interesting Tidbit is a True Penna Specialty.

I am proud to announce to you, dear readership, the winner of this year's annual Stolzfuss & Distlefink Shoefly Pie Bake-Off: Herr Josh Brown, blue ribbon winner in the Wet-Bottom Pie Category.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comHerr Brown mit pie...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe careful attention to crust detail and perfectly balanced molasses wet-bottom-ness is what gave Brown the edge over the competition.

Sources suggest that the recipe for this particular pie is kept strictly 'unter Lock und Key', requiring manipulation of a magic decoder ring to ascertain content written in "Dutchie" dialect. Uniquely, the recipe makes minimally two pies and halving the ingredients to make only one pie is highly discouraged. Besides, adds Brown, "as my mom said, why would you ever only want to bake ONE pie?"



At 29 Mai, 2005 17:46, Anonymous annehundley said...

This brought tears to my laughing eyes, thank you. Really!!! I think you should read THIS entry when you're feeling discouraged and realize, "Ah! I have revealed this delightfulness to the world. There is much more lively and interesting writing just bubbling to come out of me. Hmmm, it doesn't feel bubbly, it must be stewing, will be good." later!

At 30 Mai, 2005 14:45, Blogger The Wendy Lady said...

All right, I'll reveal my ignorance - what the hell is shoefly pie? I always thought it was made up for the song??

At 30 Mai, 2005 18:04, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Lisa- this could be your Mission from God- evangelize (is that a word?) the Shoo'fly

And yes, I would like some feedback on the various spellings of said pie. One would assume "shoe" but really- is that what you're saying when swatting flies away from the thing at a pot luck?

At 30 Mai, 2005 18:08, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

I believe "Shoefly" or "shoofly" or 'Shoo, fly! dammit" is an item SCHNITZEL. People THNK they know what it is but when asked, it becomes painfully clear that they have no REAL clue.

Shoofly pie = a molassesy gooey (but not runny) goodness in crust. Very popular with Amish and Pennsylvania German types.

At 31 Mai, 2005 22:49, Blogger Joschka said...

check out the low-down on Shoofly at Malfeasance hehe


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