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01 Juni 2005

One, Two, Thray...

...marvel as I practice the Baltimore* accent!

How did it get to be June 1st already?? I am prepping to head down to Balto for the Albert Family Reunion this weekend and to peruse Chesapeake Bay until further notice. I've been running around getting last minute stuff out of the way, which has left me too popped to turn my attention to burning work issues. Burnout, anyone? I've got it. So help me. So I just think I will table them for the moment. Tough nuggets.

And my washing machine downstairs is 'out of order' until further notice, which is seriously cramping my style. My landlord suggested I "make other arrangements", which I interpreted as "you're screwed, leave the dirty laundry on the floor...".

I can't decide if I am going out tonight or if I will just enjoy the last few minutes of quiet before the next few days of visiting and catching up. I had a super dreamy massage today finally and topped that with a dramatically healthy dinner; as a result I am too content to move more than absolutely necessary. Nerdily enough, I am enjoying looking at my clean living room. I hate leaving and then coming home to a dirty apartment, it's much more fun to arrive back to 'wow, who the hell lives HERE?'

Will report more as I engage in Operation Crab Cake.

*also say with Baltimore accent, natch.


At 02 Juni, 2005 02:05, Anonymous Your favorite shrink said...

hi, Lisa,
massage, healthy dinner, clean living room... - it doesn't sound like stress: that's what we call eustress, the positive side of freaking out ...! ENJOY!
I attach some reading on stress in order to cheer you up 'cos everything is a question of interpretation, right?!...(the length of the attachment will make up for all the comment occasions I have missed so far ;-). Have a great distress-free day! YFS

"Perhaps you have noticed life is stressful. Stress comes at us from all directions. It comes from the big and small events as well as the positive and negative events of life. Sometimes life seems so stressful that people will claim they would like to learn how to have no stress, at least, for a short while. They want to be "stress free." This is unfortunate because we have a word that is used to describe people who have no stress. The word is "dead." Most people do not want to be this relaxed. Life is inherently stressful, and we are always confronting potential stressors - those events that can cause stress. As long as you are alive, stress will not be avoided.

Without some stress life would be boring. Sometimes when we do not have enough stress we intentionally seek some. Can you remember what you were doing the last time you went looking for stress on purpose? A certain amount of stress creates motivation and challenge. If you have ever gone snow skiing, white water rafting, or to an amusement park on purpose to ride the roller coaster, then you have been seeking stress. During these activities your body will be showing all the physiological indicators of stress. However, if we ask what you are doing, you will probably reply that you are, "Having fun." Since you have voluntarily entered the situation, you feel in control of it. You have also redefined what it means to you. It is exciting, fun, and a challenge. If someone was making you do these things against your will then you might be terrified. These same activities would create significant distress for you.

So we can see that stress comes in two flavors. There is positive stress, which is called eustress, and negative stress, which is distress. Positive stress is what turns you on, and distress is what wears you out. Positive stress involves such changes as getting married, having a baby, or accepting a promotion that requires you to relocate. With positive stress as we adapt and adjust we feel competent, challenged, and satisfied with our ability to cope. While you could theoretically have so many good things, so much eustress, happen to you that you became stressed-out, most of us do not complain about the "positive stress."

Negative stress, distress, however, is another matter. We do not like it and try to avoid it. This cannot be done, however, because the essence of modern stress comes from change, and change cannot be avoided. Change itself is not the problem. Change has always been with us. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, taught that "The only thing that is constant is change." He also said that, "You cannot step into the same river twice." Everything is moving and flowing. What has happened is that "change" has changed. It has become more rapid. Events will not slow down again. We are living in what we will soon look back on as, "the good old days" when things were slow. As the rate of change increases so does the level of distress."

At 02 Juni, 2005 09:41, Blogger Emily:) said...

Wow, my comment is much shorter! I just wanted to see if you wanted to borrow my mom to do your laundry like she does mine when she visits;)

At 22 Juni, 2005 15:33, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Diki Pani Doktorka Opita, vela mi pomahla! Uz sa lepsie mam;)


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