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12 Dezember 2005

ah, finals week...

...always holds a special place in my heart. For those who are not employed in the academic (or related) field, finals week is that special time of every semester that finds us at high stress levels from immediate due dates and deadlines and obligations and also, in the case of the fall semester, rushing to get all your junk together to Get Out Of Town for Christmas and other winter holidays. It's super fun! This brief photo essay gleaned from shots taken this very eve serve to illustrate the hillarity of it all..."Viel SPAB" (Beccatron, 2004)

Happiness is realizing that book on the fall of the Habsburg Empire you excitedly bought in Austria to offer a 'different' perspective to that deferred paper due last spring is actually a German translation of a British work, and the original (and likely better) version is available for free in your campus library...!
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You think Beccatron is correcting workbooks but she's really just entering top secret cubicle gossip into the federal database...
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Natedawg: "You talkin' ta ME?"
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Josue muses actually clicking 'send' on that nasty-gram to his academic archnemesis...
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Tej: "will you grade these for me? Why not? Wait, where are you going?"
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But the real winner photo from the German cubes is: Die Imk im neuen Grad-Student-Look!
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Just to make sure we were not the only ones feeling a little like just wanting to take naps but not ever sleeping because there's too much to do, we turned across the way to our friends in the French Department, or, as we lovingly call them, 'The Frenchies'. We are pretty sure they have a nickname for us because these people seem to nickname everyone, but we're not sure what it actually is. Something about 'Allemands' but probably with a clever adjective in front (or after?) it...allors, here we go:

Clearly have already hit cocktail hour!
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A warning sign to all undergrads who enter here?
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Should we tell Mlle. "A" that her book is upside..--nah..
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May your days be merry and bright! Good luck everyone!


At 13 Dezember, 2005 12:29, Blogger stefanierj said...

Oy. I for one am glad to be out of the finals-week loop. But it's nice to have seasons--with an almost-toddler, there's not so much of a "crunch week" here or a "down week" there. *sigh*

At 15 Dezember, 2005 09:00, Blogger Kat said...

Ahhh, the cubes! I miss those days of no sleep, lots of coffee, madness in and amongst us Frenchies and you Germans. Good times. Good times :)

At 15 Dezember, 2005 15:35, Anonymous said...

I love the photo- essay!
Especially the picture of the girl covering her face in dismay. Hoping my desk can work itself to looking like hers! thinkicanithinkican

At 15 Dezember, 2005 19:18, Blogger Gus said...

the grad student pic reminds me of writing my honors thesis. Man I hated honors, I don't know why I ever agreed to take harder classes for no benefit. stupid me. The only benefit is that it might make me smarter than least on paper.


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