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04 Jänner 2006

Happy New Year

So apparently it's January 2006! I didn't experience my usual (more or less) New Year's Eve turning-over-a-new-leaf-of-some-sorts feeling so I'm still not quite clear on the fact that 2005 is history. I do know, however, that that lovin' stressed grad school feeling is in full force even though I'm trying to hide it--and I can feel my nerves acting up already. And the new semester has not even started yet! The best way I can describe this lovin' feeling is that I tell myself things like: It's Already January 4th and I Don't Have XYZ (insert paper I thought I'd have WAY done by now, par example) Done Yet. I am trying to tell myself to focus on something (or things? that would be motivating) that I HAVE accomplished versus fretting most mightily over what I haven't done. Sort of a la success feeds motivation, not the other way around.

Yeah, whatever!

OK, but it is a new year and I can try to see it that way. Meanwhile, I'm winding down my stay here in the PacNW and will have to share snow and mountain field and fountain (following yonder star, natch) stories and pics soon. As a teaser, some Madd Sledding Skillz:

Now, as I recall from childhood, sledding down hills of perfect powder snow is fun and conducive to spazocity and hillarity. I mean, when I bite it yet continue to bullet downhill because I've done a 360, ass-over-teakettle (no shame), I am having fun. But what I discovered by accident over New Years was that this type of activity is just not good for, at least in my personal experience, the almost-mid-30s crowd. I mean, honestly. It's so unnatural. My bod now is just not taking it as a good idea anymore. Image hosted by Photobucket.comSled Princess in Plain, WA, the last day of 2005...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTrying to keep it all inSIDE the sled...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNot only is Ginapalooza an astute horsewoman, she can also clearly lay down some sled maven smack. Who knew?

It's not so much the jumps, lumps 'n bumps on the way down I worry about, but rather the mystery bruises the next day. Mine are real sexy!

And with that I shall say: Happy New Year and may it be Most Interesting!


At 06 Jänner, 2006 14:52, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi! Happy New Year..Had a HILARIOUS nurse while I was in the hospital...she was from Berlin and talked to herself in half-Deutsch/ half-English as she was cursing all the paperwork she had to do...enjoy your last few days of leisure....Bonne Annee et Happy Fete des Rois..Love, Cindy..PS Hope you got the chenille extravaganza washcloth.

At 06 Jänner, 2006 22:28, Blogger Morris said...

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