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18 Jänner 2006

Snivam, snivam...

OK, work with me, here, inspiration has struck and I'm blogging it:

Things I'd rather be doing than getting through this pile of reading:

SIDENOTE: I actually did have an 'ah-hah!' moment this afternoon while reading, which makes me feel LESS dumb.... OK, so in no particular order and, well, you get the idea that I can't concentrate (I think the "I've been Schranke-ed!" excuse is wearing off, though):

  • Playing the bass parts to "My Sharona" on stage at some drunken college bar, knowing that I have way more 'been there, done that" over my audience
  • reading some of my 'for fun' books to spark my mind
  • do more online mini-research on handmade ukeleles, since I'm pretty sure I'll invest in one whilst in Hawaii in May
  • lying in my cozy bed because it's so freaking cold outside
  • DJ-ing at a local radio station, hearing myself talk. 80's hits perhaps? Or ponderage?
  • laughing with kids
  • in Paris
  • in London
  • in a music studio bashing on a set of drums, learning to play. Either that or get a banjo...
  • watching my kitchen clean itself
  • sitting at a table in a darkish cozy cafe with a good red wine and some tasty tidbit, I don't really care what his name is, and maybe he's on break from the jazz set.
  • at the movies
  • Warm flannel sheets. And that's all I will say about that.

  • What are you daydeaming about? DO share, it'll be Most Interesting!


    At 18 Jänner, 2006 21:28, Blogger psuacoustician said...

    buying a house... odd i know... and way too grown up of an idea

    At 19 Jänner, 2006 00:07, Anonymous said...

    hmmm i dream of actually getting through my work in a somewhat linear fashion...meanwhile i chat with housemates, meet a friend for a's pretty wierd when part of my work requirements are listening to Free to Be You and Me and Burt and Ernie...some of those writers/ voices are hard to beat! i so need to just get through some of the annoying stuff. glad you're making slow but sure progress with the academic work!

    At 19 Jänner, 2006 10:04, Blogger Emily:) said...

    I daybream about the times when I didn't owe papers from previous semesters. or that some brilliant strangers leaves a package at my door that has the all written and proof-read inside. Any volunteers for that job?

    At 19 Jänner, 2006 10:53, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

    ah, the defered paper service, I'd like an order of those, please!

    At 19 Jänner, 2006 11:58, Blogger stefanierj said...

    I have the same job requirements, Anne.

    I dream about me, a book, a very hot mocha and a good doughnut and an endless afternoon to enjoy it.

    Or hearing my son say some actual words. That would rock, too.

    At 19 Jänner, 2006 13:28, Anonymous Anonym said...

    HI! I dream of working at a school where I am actually treated like a GROWNUP, as I had another birthday yesterday, and our demented Headmistress is really named Manipulative Co-conspirator. I dream of a land where the parents do not obey the chidren. I dream of endless time and money to knit, sipping champagne. Cindy

    At 19 Jänner, 2006 13:49, Blogger Kat said...

    I dream of Maya Angelou coming to my house to revise my dissertation for me. I dream of her telling my committee, 'Yep, it's ready to be submitted to the grad school.' And, the best part is, they take her word for it! That would be AWWWWWESSSOMMMMMMEEEEE!

    At 20 Jänner, 2006 01:40, Anonymous Anonym said...

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