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25 Jänner 2006

Superbowl XV: the frenzy builds but can I get a coffee first?

As a service to readers of Lisaopolis, this blog will now feature tidbits leading up to the frenzy that is Super Bowl XV a.k.a. "A Little Match Made in Heaven". I mean, it's almost as though both teams read my blog and know that nothing could be more fun for a WA lady in PA. Today, Seattle is apparently its schized-out self according to this article in the fresh edition of the Seattle Post-Intellegencer. This is so funny! The quote from the yoga instructor is just delightful. Go Seahawks!

More Most Interesting Evidence of Steeler Mania coming soon for our West Coast viewers...


At 25 Jänner, 2006 20:15, Blogger stefanierj said...

Okay, I just decked da boyz out in yellow and black, so I BETTER be hearin' about some Steelers, now!

At 26 Jänner, 2006 00:58, Anonymous Anonym said...

interesting.. i guess they are becoming more civilized and enlightened in seattle.
in pa they are more primitive.

At 26 Jänner, 2006 22:14, Blogger Kat said...

I'm still mad at Mike Holmgren. Will NEVER forgive him for leaving us high and dry. :)

At 30 Jänner, 2006 12:44, Anonymous said...

as a natural/smatural artsy fart, i luved this!!!


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