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04 Februar 2006

12th Man...

Image hosting by PhotobucketDown with the rain! More double tall decafs! No more drilling in Alaska! Oh yeah and go Seahawks!

Live, from the Most Interesting roving sports desk in Central PA: Life is a-frenzy here with 'Stillers' fever! If I had a dollar for every Roethlisburger jersey and/or 'terrible towel' I saw on campus today, I'd be wicked wealthy.

And another nugget from the trenches: I passed out a quiz to my class on Thursday. I happened to have had this quiz printed on blue paper. No big whoop, right? I often have quizzes printed out on colored paper for easier future reference, e.g. "...remember on the GREEN quiz we did XYZ, or the YELLOW quiz where we,...or the BLUE quiz with the thingamajig..."

So one student goes: "You just printed it on blue because of the Seahawks."

I paused. Reflected. Then replied, trying to regain compusure, "No, I hadn't actually thought of that, and I'm considering giving you 1,000 bonus points for this observation, but you know what, sure, yeah, I DID--that's my new story and I'm stickin' to it!"

Go Seahawks! Now, considering that Pennsylvania had a team in the Super Bowl last year (Eagles), locals should be pretty proud that another team has made it again this year. Not to sound like Steelers and Eagles fans have remotely anything in common (except mutual disdain), because as far as my observations to date have rendered, you can a fan of One Or The Other But Never Both and for an Eagles fan to root fot the Steelers borders on Out Of The Question. Regardless of east-west state-ly relations, I know a Steelers win would mean a lot for the region. "One for the thumb!" and all that.

Still, if you happen to have read this post about my Seahawk fan-ness, you'll know that while I'm kinda dumbfounded that the Seahawks are in Super Bowl XV in the first place, I am naturally rooting for them. Amongst Steelers fans at a local sports bar on Sunday. In blue. Hopeully I can make it out alive with some live-action photos too...

Game on!


At 05 Februar, 2006 22:24, Blogger stefanierj said...

Let's see dem photos! And the Seahawks played an awesome game (considering they were the only team actually *playing* in the first half, but seeing the Bus get all misty was worth it for the Matic family.

At 05 Februar, 2006 22:47, Anonymous Anonym said...

freakin refs!

At 06 Februar, 2006 00:34, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

yeah that one touchdown that 'broke through the glass' -barely- still has me bitter;)

yes, I am totally happy for the Bus, the coach, the Stillers and the fans! Couldn't have chosen a better team to win if not the Seahawks.

At 06 Februar, 2006 01:58, Anonymous said...

That Steelers coach looked soo happy...sigh...


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