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18 November 2006

Pay it forward the nice man at the North Atherton Weis supermarket yesterday who gave the cashier his in-store bonus points which, in turn, paid for my Thanksgiving turkey at the register I say: God bless your mother and father! I hope that even though you said you were old and single and wouldn't be needing a turkey that you have a wonderful Turkey Day nonetheless. Gestures like yours make the world better.

So now I'm on the quest to pay it forward, which I will do anonymously and without fanfare...I can't wait!

Share your pay it forward stories HERE by leaving pithy comments. Come on, you KNOW you want to....

PS: And happy countdown to Turkey Day everyone: here in Lisaopolis things are on schedule for the big meal and day, as I anticipate my three fabulous houseguests over for some quality bonding, cooking, relaxing, wine tasting, napping...movies...comfort food and possible shenanigans with other regalers in town. YES! It's Defrosting Phase One, Grocery List Phase Three, and I have WAY too many Amish-and/or Lisaopolis-made pies. The rule is one whole pie per person, right?

Sigh, oh yeah and work stuff...? Cannot. compute. Need. break. Must. Not. Think. About. Academia. For. A few. days...


At 19 November, 2006 19:28, Anonymous Anonym said...

paying for the car behind me at the toll booth is my favorite, but the cynic in me wonders if the attendant pockets the money?
1 pie per person is totally the norm...I do beleive I just read that in Martha Stewart's most recent publication

At 19 November, 2006 23:35, Blogger stefanierj said...

Since i became a mother, my job when I am kidless or when my child is being well-behaved in public, is to help moms out with whatever they're struggling with--trying to corral a kid, trying to calm a tantrum, trying to do 3 things at once--I try to help 'em out, and if I can't, I just say how nicely behaved and lovely their children are. Trust my when I say that if you do this, you can go ahead and shine your halo--God is good to those to help mothers.

Also, I'm nosy and always listening to conversations going on around me, so if I hear someone ask a companion for something, like napkins or a grocery cart, I go and get it for them. They're always surprised and the other person doesn't have to get up. It's nice.

After I wash and dry my hands in a public place, I always roll out extra paper towel for the next person who comes in the bathroom. And if I have spare change, I'll drop it into expired meters. This is a big one for State College! :)

Happy Toikey Day. We'll be celebrating with the Mormons. (actually, that may not be true. I am not sure if any one of the 15 people coming is actually Mormon). Suffice it to say that we miss PA and Thanksgiving East-Coast style.

At 22 November, 2006 11:34, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi! I do not know if this counts as a Pay it Forward...but a RUDE white guy pushed in front of me in the coffee line today on a windy street in Harlem (I-pod plugs in ih nis ears, LOUD voice!!) and the Hispanic woman standing in the little booth could not stop rolling her eyes. So when it came time to pay my 60 cents, I gave her a buck and just said keep the change. Big smile from her. May Rude White Guy choke on his java. Love and Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy

At 25 November, 2006 00:12, Anonymous Denise said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Mrs. Brady!!!!

At 25 November, 2006 22:12, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Oh that totally counts!


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