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08 November 2006

"I had a nightmare that Pelosi was gonna be the Speaker...." --GW Bush's voice inside his head

In response to Ginapalooza's early-morning 'Best Headline Encompassing K-Fed AND the President' Challenge, I offer this as my submission and reflections of my feelings:

"HOUSE PARTY!!!!!!!"

And read her blog today, it's particularly hillare.


At 08 November, 2006 11:56, Blogger stefanierj said...

You HAVE to go read Mom-101 today. Freaking hysterical.

At 08 November, 2006 16:27, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Aw... thanks for the props.

And man... that photo made me want a candy bar REAL bad.

I did get the CD, so I'll bring it on T-day and we can swap-a-roo.

At 08 November, 2006 18:23, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Sexcellent, I have the new Sugarland but was not able to track down WY...please advise.

At 09 November, 2006 17:54, Anonymous Ruth said...

Oh yeah - Pennsylvania and Virginia baby! Not saying it had anything to do with me living in both places, but I must say, Harold Ford Jr in TN didn't do too badly. Just give me more time.

At 09 November, 2006 21:27, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Excellent! Yes, it's part of the 5-to-10-Year-Plan, no?


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