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05 Dezember 2006

what the pho?

Ah, you can take the girl out of the Pacific Rim but you can't take the Pacific Rim out of the girl. I'm home today with a sore throat, tiny snowflakes are flitting about outside, and all I want is a damn pho ('fuh' like 'the' or...'duh') place to get some sweet Vietnamese noodle comfort food.

I am entirely homesick for the PacNW and am preparing to slowly start the move westward. Scary and exciting all at once! When I say 'slowly' I mean quite that; don't ask when I'd be moving exactly, I haven't a clue.

So, lunch today has been homemade pho (or reasonable facsimilie thereof; see Exhibit A, above). While it aint no Than Brothers of downtown Redmond, Washington, it's pretty darn tasty. By the way, if you do click on the Than Bros. link, you'll note a studious young man in the pic...maybe he'll still be there when I head in over Christmas? Mwhahaa.

OK: why we don't have a pho place in this here college town makes as much sense to me as undergraduates still wearing flip-flops on campus in freaking December. Then again, as I quipped to a student yesterday, undergraduate dress habits here in Happy Valley are second in atrociousness ONLY to the fashion show that IS The Graduate Student.

Pho just makes sense. Cheap, hot, good, nourishing. But when I ask the guys and gals at (insert name of nail salon here, I bring them up because well, they are from Vietnam) who MIGHT know where to score some pho, they either don't know or are keeping the goods to themselves.

On a side note, my pho-making today has yielded one unexpected result: there is great advantage to being able to engage in the necessary slurpage and funny noises needed to fully enjoy this soup, all while not worrying about offending fellow diners.

That is all for today. Most Interesting, I'm quite sure, bwaahhh! How's the weather where you are, and what is your comfort food du jour?


At 05 Dezember, 2006 18:35, Blogger stefanierj said...

I'm boring. Chicken soup. But only because the Jewish bubbeleh I just adopted hasn't taught me to make matzo ball soup yet.

I can't beleive you'll be on "our" side of the country soon. Too. freaking. exciting. MISS YOU.

At 05 Dezember, 2006 18:36, Anonymous Anonym said...

My darling Lisa...
Beautiful writing; touched me in my heart via my stomache! Loved your piece on "Pho." Looks great! I could smell and taste it from here... Candid, lively, funny and oh so appropriate as I write you on this cold day in Seattle - Madison Park to be specific. I can see Lake WA and Husky Stadium from this vantage point. From Uncle Jim's Condo (I am here now) I can hit the 520 bridge with a rock since it's only 75 yards from this private dock... HEY DID YOU EVER GET MY BIG NEWS? I am moving back here permanently on Jan 4, 2007.


Yes, it is hard to get the Pacific NW out of your blood,
Your soul sister from High School and Good Ol' East of Seattle,
w/Luv & laughter,
PS -- I will be in CA (Orange County) for 3.5 weeks before migrating up here!

At 05 Dezember, 2006 19:15, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Steyaf, ah but chicken soup a la oy vey is the miracle elixir for the ages! I know...West(ern) coast, baby! At this point, I have no clue as to job prospects or, well, anything for that matter, but I have This Nagging Feeling that I must heed. Regahdless, knowing I could probably earn more as a barista or tutor or part time museum guide or SOMETHING keeps me optimistic. Until I start at my School of Rock, of course...
Tu-Ha, ah, coming from the original Miss Saigon herself, your pho comment warmed my heart! I'll be there til Jan 13th. Try to hit "Philly Fevre" near Madison Park, the owners are really from PA and I hear they make an actual GOOD cheesesteak?

At 06 Dezember, 2006 10:39, Anonymous Anonym said...

in the 40's which is nice by our colorado standards and chicken tortilla soup ...there's a southwest flavor here in denver, not quite as cool as that whole northwestern asian fusion, but quite tasty....and should you need a place to stay half way between there and where you want to be, feel free to shack up in our guest room, we finally put on a door.the short people will be thrilled to have aunt gina's sister visit (and so will the tall people).

At 06 Dezember, 2006 20:07, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Yeah, I believe that makes me WAY cooler than just a 'regular' aunt...sister of the new aunt. The possiblilities for Child Spoiling really are endless there. Thanks so much for the invite, hope to be able to take you up on it some time!

At 06 Dezember, 2006 20:07, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Der Kommentar wurde von einem Blog-Administrator entfernt.

At 10 Dezember, 2006 05:03, Anonymous Anonym said...

I SAW actual "what the pho" restaurant in wa. funny.
do they know about it in pa?

At 10 Dezember, 2006 14:56, Anonymous Anonym said...

Come down to DC... PHO is everywhere....

At 13 Dezember, 2006 16:07, Anonymous jon said...

it's true--you can't swing a dead Republican (okay, they're not dead yet) and not hit a Pho joint in Arlington

At 13 Dezember, 2006 16:15, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

hahaha, Pho in the Dee-Cee, will have to hit some up whenever I get down there yonder.


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