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11 September 2005

Cheers 'n Jeers, part trois

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis just seems like a fun Sunday thing to do while I plan how I am going to get up off my dairy-air and into the sunshine before settling into reading the articles I have on tap for today. Hmm, WILL I get anything done before going to a department bbq thingie at 5? Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist gering.

Jeers to undergrads in my neighborhood who apparently have nothing to do on 'school nights' besides scream and throw things and merry-make until three or four AM, keeping me up or waking me up sporadically. Then I don't get enough sleep. It's fun functioning on not enough sleep. Slack-asses.

Cheers to walzing into a party fashionably late last night (around 12:30 am) and then after a few hours being taken for a "25 or 26" year old. I said 'for' not 'by'.

Jeers to incompetent leadership.

Cheers to finger pointing combined with pro-activeness.

Jeers to clean laundry not putting itself away.

Cheers to WSU and Penn State winning their second games and the Fuskies having what I believe is the most mega amounts of points scored against them at home. HA! I don't really care THAT much about college ball that it's gonna take up my weekends but I do enjoy a bit of Dawg bashing now and again. Btw, it's Washington State University, so don't call my alma mater the University of Washington, you know how teed off you get when people say 'Penn' instead of 'Penn State'. ("So, how do you like Philadelphia?" "What are you talking about?" "You go to Penn, right?" "No (slacker).").

Cheers to WAZZU dumping those absolutely rediculous swooshy gray stripes on their home jerseys in favor of an old school look redux. I still have my issues with the whole away uniform with different helmet but can only fret about so many things today. At least they are not as idiodic looking as basketball shorts.

Cheers (I can do three in a row) to gorgeous September weather with sunshine and blue skies, traces of falling leaves and a tinge of autumn in the air

Jeers to not having a garden.

Cheers to Dawn dishwashing FOAM. It doesn't seem to vaccum up grease with reckless abandon like the commercial claims, but it's quite lovely and smells just perky.

Jeers to U2's light show/backdrop on their recent appearance on one of the major networks' hurricane fundraiser show. Can't all that wattage be channelled toward powering part of a town? And come to think of it, why doesn't NASCAR forego it's season in an effort to promote fuel conservation? Can't the drivers just physically run around the track for one season? Or just have all heats be final ones? I say this without any (desire or inkling of care towards) understanding of the ins and outs of NASCAR, so I may be way off base.

Jeers to pro athletes griping that they don't make enough money or get their egos coddled quite enough. You throw a ball for a living, get over it.

Cheers to my brilliant ideas and to your comments, and for daring to step up and not sign in as 'anonymous':


At 12 September, 2005 12:33, Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been digging the September weather, too. Cheers to taking the time to soak in what refreshes you! I love not having a gardent to weed/ mow/ feel guilty about neglecting!

At 12 September, 2005 12:49, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi! You are welcome to come and bask in the jardin and enjoy un cafe in Harlem anytime you desire...the September roses are blooming...Love, Cindy

At 12 September, 2005 18:47, Blogger Gina Grace said...

I have to second the cheers to not having a garden of obligation/responsibility. After I pulled a muscle in my back from trying to start a lawn mower a couple years ago (who's motor had actually locked up after a serries of unsuccessful attempts at trying to start it...) I decided that I would either have to hire a gardener or abandon all efforts at maintaining a yard...tout de suite!

I also disgree with the jeers to pro atheletes for complaining- I think there are a lot of complainers in the world, pro athletes just so happen to be on camera more often then your average Boeing employee who's upset for not being able to smoke near the building entrance anymore etc. have a lot to complain about. They don't "just throw the ball" for a living. And they only have a tiny window of earning years. But I will concur that some of them need an attitude adjustment.

At 12 September, 2005 22:10, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

wait, was that the mower out of which black smoke fumed, down the "The View"?

Jeers to complainers in general, then. Saying a pro athlete 'just throws a ball for a living' is an exaggeration, that's like saying 'all grad students do is research things that don't matter except in their ivory towers'. Naturally, there are other, further-reaching social impacts of both pursuits. But getting to be a pro athlete for a living is pretty sweet, considering that there is a market out there to support this form of entertainment. Entertainment is key, don't get me wrong. Still, I'm not tsure what they have to publicly gripe about. For the record, I say jeers to grad students who gripe about not earning much; no one is forcing anyone to do a PhD. Know the commitment before you dive in.


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