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02 Oktober 2005

So I don't have to write complete thoughts on this loverly Sunday morn...

Cheers to the light breeze and smell of fresh air wafing into my sunny bedroom, it's one of my favorite scents in the world.

Jeers to neighbors accross the way yelling all night at drinking games and some sort of musical screaming.

Cheers that they were at least singing along to Journey.

Jeers to the expletives shared with the whole area (including into my living room) by a nice young man from aforementioned loud apartment as his car got towed about 1:00 AM.

Cheers SCHADENFREUDE! In this case, perhaps on the part of the tow truck driver, who might have been evil-laughing all the way as as sloooowly pulled the swearing guy's car out of the parking lot as he was being screamed at. It must be a job perk. And on my part, as I watched the whole thing from my living room window, thinking, 'sucka!'. Yes, it was a bit central- European-grandma of me to be at the window observing neighborhood happenings whilst cursing the younger generation, and let's face it, it was my own damn fault for staying in thinking I'd get work done and nurse my sore throat, but...I still feel no pity for the lad. He and his friends were a disturbance, it all comes around.

Jeers to it already being Sunday which means tomorrow is Monday morning.

Cheers to waking up, thinking it was 10, when it was really only about 9. And then realizing that Standard Time has not taken effect yet so there will be another morning I will wake up thinking it's later than it really is and I get an extra hour.

Jeers to accidentally burning spinach on the stove and ending up with an apartment smelling like weed! Shya!

Cheers to the Penn State football team for going 5-0 and making everyone feel good. It was indeed an exciting mopping of Minnesota. I'm sure all my students will be fully prepared for class on Monday (not), oh well, let 'em enjoy it, it's the fun of college ball.

Jeers to Bush asking us to conserve gas as he flits around in AirForceOne, takes more vacation, hopes non auto or air transport like Amtrak just dies off into the sunset, and promotes no legislation even remotely helpful to Mother Nature. Freaking ass-hat. It is time to Sell The Ranch.

Cheers to you having a good day.

Jeers to non-commenters, almost as annoying as anonymous ones.

Cheers to getting some work done today.


At 02 Oktober, 2005 21:33, Blogger stefanierj said...

I have never heard anyone call someone else a "freaking ass-hat," but if anyone deserves it, it's our C in C, Georgie-B. Family Guy did a lovely (if totally juvenile) mocking of Mister President tonight, and 'twas balm for the oppress'd soul, it was.

At 02 Oktober, 2005 22:05, Blogger Emily:) said...

"Twas balm for the oppress'd soul"-- I love that! That's how I describe Pumpkin shakes from Dairy Queen;) By the way, Lisa, you know you really were cooking up some ganja and not spinach. I second the jeers to Monday. Can I just sleep through tomorrow until Tuesday?

At 03 Oktober, 2005 12:13, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Jeers to me wondering if I can justify not liking the new supreme court nominee just becuase of her bad eye-liner.

It really IS that bad, but I suppose I should read more about her before passing judgement. On the judge. Or non-judge, as the case may be.

At 03 Oktober, 2005 14:08, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

DUDE, the eyeliner was the first thing I noticed too. Must be a Hurdley thing. I bet she takes her Subaru to the dog park too.

It's not the eyeliner that bugs me nearly as much as the fact that, oh, Miers HAS NEVER BEEN A JUDGE BEFORE that has me more than irked. No records! Let's just get any old lawyer in there, yeah, that'll work, then it'll all be REALLY supreme.

I guess being from TexASS is all one needs.

I mean, even the Bush supporters have to think this is a mistake. Come on! If you agree with this, I want to hear why. I really do want to hear it.

At 04 Oktober, 2005 16:08, Blogger stefanierj said...

Yeah, I agree...what are the hearings going to be like??

Committee: So, what do you think of the weather in DC?

Meier: Well, that issue might come before the court one day, so I don't feel like I can comment on it. (This was also the standard Roberts nonanswer).

Committee: Well, maybe you can just tell us about your thinking in a previous case where you had to express an opinion on the weather.

Meier: ((blank stare))

Committee: No? Okay, well, then, that's a wrap, I guess.

Heck, why even limit your nomination choices to lawyers?? I have a great cat who would LOVE to play b-ball in "the highest court in the land" LOL

At 05 Oktober, 2005 16:24, Blogger Gina Grace said...

I don't know, I guess her lack of actual judicial experience doesn't really bother me. It would seem to me that to be a supreme court judge is unlike being any other type of judge, so why would being a judge somewhere else really matter that much? What matters is that she is an experienced thinker, knows the law, the constitution and is a reasonable person.

The non-answering thing makes sense to me too- I would be scared of any judge that had answers to sound-bite type questions. Of course there is no answer to a question that is just thrown at them- they need to see the facts, look at the law and then decide. In theory at least :) And people keep asking both judges for their personal opionion on things- Why? Personal opinions shouldn't really affect their judgement (again, in theory...) Maybe?

At 05 Oktober, 2005 22:16, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Yes, totally agreed on the necessity to be an experienced (critical) thinker and have a thorough understanding of upholding the Constitution, but what continues to irk me is: no record. No academic background.


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