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17 September 2005

I wanna rock 'n roll all night and party every day

I love music. I appreciate quality musicianship. I admire a talented musician and musicians who play well together and enjoy it to boot. That said, I'm thoroughly convinced that there is no good, quality, original pop music these days. I won't go as far as to sound so old and cranky and "all bands these days SUCK!" but I might be doing so soon. Not much good rock, either, for that matter. I'm talking new bands. Can't think of a good one as far as I could throw 'em.

Where I do see massive most excellent things happening musically, though, are in other genres like country, bluegrass and blues. On a radical whim today because I just had to get out of the apartment and stop doing nothing (what I tend to do when I have too much I SHOULD be doing), I bought two new CDs. I was like, wow, liner notes, what a concept (since I've been iTune-ing most stuff lately).

So far, worth every graduate stipend cent. It's the little things that thrill me. Sugarland has this certain 'je ne sais quois' and they are different somehow in a way that I can't quite put my finger on yet--but they've got it. Not just 'yet another' country trio. You can tell they write and play their own stuff and have lived a little, thank goodness for the record company hot shot or whoever it was who pulled them from their solo careers into one room so they could kick it. I bet they get bigger and bigger. You heard it here first. BTW, happened to catch them with Bon Jovi on CMT's "Crossroads" (the best musical show idea in ages), which was the total shiznit! Anyone who can hold a stage with Bon Jovi is alright by me. By the way, Bon Jovi still rocks.

Also, Nickel Creek has a new release out; you know those bands where you just buy their CDs without hearing any singles or reviews first because you know it's gonna be worth it? This is one of those, for me anyways. These kids blow anyone out of the water, defying genre and taking you all over the place while backing it all up hard-core with their sheer skill. I think all three of them are under 25 or some crazy thing. They jam with Bela Fleck and Edgar Myer and Allison Kraus produces their stuff. I'm sure they'll be fine.

That's all for now. Must get some beauty sleep to prepare for reading and eyes bugging out. Lack of comments makes me cry:


At 18 September, 2005 08:50, Blogger Emily:) said...

Hmmm, this post is really interesting because it really made me think aobut new bands that have "it". I agree that Sugarland does (I caught the CMT thing with Bon Jovi too), but I don't know Nickle Creek yet. Anyhow, I started comtemplating other great new bands and i have to say that they do exist (if you stretch the boundaries of what is rock). I'm particularly fond of Citizen Cope (I made you a copy of that right?). The man's new album 'The Clarence Greenwood Recordings' is phenomenal. I also really like Keane and The Killers, and while Coldplay is really not subtle in their attempts to take over the world, their new album X&Y is influenced by everyone from Pink Floyd to The Cure to U2. It really is a great album! But an excellent topic of discussion my friend:)

At 19 September, 2005 08:39, Anonymous Beckles :) said...

Lisa, I could not agree with you more. I've really gotten into country music over the past two years. I really think that there is little out there that can beat it. It just seems to me that most country musicians have this raw talent that is lacking in this unfortunate Britney Spears era of pop music. But anyhow...we have to find out about the Sugarland/Sara Evans/Brad Paisley tickets for the BJC. That concert is going to be awesome!!

At 19 September, 2005 12:43, Blogger The Wendy Lady said...

If I may be so bold as to offer a recommendation, are you familiar with The Clumsy Lovers? They played at WSU fairly often when we were there, but they've mutated a fair bit since then & have just released their first commercially available album (i.e. I saw it at Best Buy). Chek out their website, you can listen to some of their tunes to see if you like them. They tend to defy any genre label you try to slap on them, just enjoy. :)

At 19 September, 2005 17:02, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Woo hoo! TRON and They Wendy Lady! Looks like music is a good topic for bringing everyone out;) Thanks, ladies, good to hear from you!

At 21 September, 2005 22:59, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Wendles: oh the clumsy lover, wasn't that that one...freshman year, Community Hall and/or The Coug...oh you mean the BAND? I'll have to check them out...thanks for the rec!

At 27 September, 2005 21:57, Anonymous Anonym said...

I heart The Shins, and pretty much anyone else from the Garden State soundtrack. But then again, I'm way behind when it comes to "pop" music (but I can tell you exactly what happened 150 years ago in music).

Ummm...I guess it's time to be productive. Yay.

At 28 September, 2005 17:29, Blogger Gina Grace said...

What about Kelly Clarkson? I mean, if we're talking true "pop" music, she's up there.


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