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18 Februar 2006


PS: thanks for the guitar color suggestions, keep them coming. You really should make your day by seeing my fantasy product below.

But this just in: Ice hockey, USA: Slovakia. Just started. I think it actually MAY be 'live' instead of part of the nightly NBC Olympic package program of stuff you can find online earlier anyway with no comercials. Wait, they just in fact did verify that the game will be 'live, uninterrupted'. Stop the presses! But I fully expect Tales of Human Drama during periods.

For this one, I'm totally rooting for Team Slovakia, they are my boys. Love me some Miro Satan (pictured). Not 'Devil Man', but "SHAH-tahn". And the commentators' calling him "Sha-TAAN" is odd but I guess OK in a "Tarzhay" sort of way. I think that's what they call him on his NHL team anyways. I'm having a phonolo-rama listening to the commentators tackle the Slovak names. "Hm, that voiced alveolar fricative paired with the voiced alveolar plosive in "Zdeno" becomes 'za' / 'deno' in English...that is Most Interesting and tells me a heck of a lot about potential vocalic qualities of /z/." I also have HIGH SUSPICIONS that the in-studio commentators are Actually Canadians In Disguise, as suggested by their "SLOW-vac" and "bEAn there" and "a-GANE", and "watch oat", and I don't mean in a Minnesota-ese sort of way, so, well, there you go.

OK, enough of that geekiness. The 2nd 'tretina' is underway, still zero to nothing. Must get back to viewing and cheering "Slovenkso / Slovenkso / heja hej Slovenkso..." ("Sloven-SKO::, Sloven-SKO::, hey yah HEY Sloven-SKO...") This rhythm is super fun 'cause you can put in your own words: "Got ta REA::D, got ta REA::D, hey ya HEY got ta READ..."


At 19 Februar, 2006 03:53, Anonymous Anonym said...

yea thats been a funny one for a while. satan jersey just looks funny. like somethin u see at an ozzy concert. haha


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