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15 Dezember 2006


OK, please send all good vibes to the PacNorthwest, the region of the USA that I just heard Katie Couric on the CBS News call "...the top upper left hand of the country". So wait, is that what they call it on standardized tests these days?

Any PacNW Lisaopolis readers, if you could report in, that'd be swell!

Meanwhile, it's warm and balmy here in PA. But noo, there's no global warming problems, it's all a whacko lefty consipracy. NOT. I agree with Mr. Gore that it can be seen as an inconvenient truth, and I am in a quandry at the spending of gajillions on 'defense' when...Mother Earth is giving us signs of Her demise everywhere. Granted, this is a planet we live on, and planets shift and change. But this quickly? Discuss!


At 15 Dezember, 2006 23:52, Anonymous Anonym said...

saw a cartoon that made me chuckle, it read something like....Bush has gone from denying global warming to saying it's a great way to heat your house during these times of high energy costs....i actually had to explain more than once it was a joke...I think (red and blue alike) assumed he could say something that stupid!

At 16 Dezember, 2006 00:51, Blogger Lisaopolis said...


At 18 Dezember, 2006 19:18, Blogger n8 b said...

It's rainy and windy here in the Northwest. Pretty much business as usual

At 19 Dezember, 2006 12:57, Anonymous anne said...

Yeah, my power hasn't gone out at all, but schools were cancelled Friday and Monday and a LOT of people (including Bill and Mary Ellen) are without power as of Now. I've got time off today and so can go help clean out the fridge 'n stuff, hoorah! They're fine of course it's just kind of a drag. Operation Tannenbaum officially on hold. ME suggested lighting with candles this year. Fire ecology meets Hummel imagery, yes!

At 22 Dezember, 2006 12:09, Anonymous Denise said...

We returned to the land of electricity on Wednesday. That is SIX DAYS without power. Yes, SIX!!!!! We still do not have cable, broadband, and I think our phone is working now.

Phew. We planned our Christmas Eve menu around NOT having power. So everything on the list would be made in the Smoker, BBQ, Fondue Pot, or would just be a cold dish. So, no fancy meal this year.


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