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03 Februar 2007

Another. Guilty. Pleasure.

Exhibit A:

Yesterday was such a looong, largely frustrating Friday at work that it was a real relief to just. not. work. today. Yes, it's Saturday but in grad school the largely-flexible schedule means weekends are often work-laden. Even though I have tons to get done...but then again, who doesn't?. Today started with a bright 'n early sunny jaunt with Red Red Rine and her parents to throw caution to the wind and pay the 'adult' (not student) price to score 8th row seats to the Hall & Oates show here in March (oh yes, they rule, you know you can't deny it!). RRR's mom has already filled my head with plans to get post-show autographs....! We celebrated our unprecedented ticket-getting skillz (previous front row tix to Sting, 8th row to H & O, etc.) over a much-needed and very relaxing brunch at the Waffle Shop. THANKS, RRR family, it was totally what the doctor ordered. Especially seeing as how I really haven't gotten out much beyond the home-campus-local grocery store-run lately. Sad but true. For today, I had grand plans to take advantage of the sunny, clear (albeit damn cold) wintery weather and go walking or read or something but alas, here it is, time for Saturday Night Live, and lo, I've been putzing with instruments. I did do a load of laundry and vacuum though,'s the little things.

What I ended up doing was piling all my articles strewn about into one area, and said a very temporary, mild "F-you" to the whole lot of 'em. And I got in touch with some music again, which I hadn't done in...ages. It's felt really really good. I even pulled out my 1978 Fender Musicmaster bass (see Exhibit A, above. Ginapalooza yes that is bourbon in that glass...) which I got when I was FOURTEEN. My lordy, so that means I've had it for over twenty years. That's a whole lot of rock 'n roll daydreams and memories there, I tell you. There's something mildly comforting about having owned a thing for that long. These days I can plug it right into my MacBook and...well, I don't need to tout the praises of Apple's "Garage Band". Amateur recording in a nutshell and 'totes' addicting! Let's Play Rock Star/Indie Recording Artist at home!

Oh, by the by, if you have any original tuning gears for a '78 Musicmaster, do drop me a line--the tech who replaced the originals, which were worn out, did a swell job of putting in these awful, way-huge ones, and...they work but they are u.g.l.y. Thanks in advance;).

So, here's to guilty pleasures of taking some time away from way-important pressing items to hobbies that make you feel cozy and content. I have to think this will be better in the end (no stress here, hehe). If I end up the night by popping a Shower Soother I might just forget my literacy skills altogether and melt into bliss.

Happy weekend, and comment with YOUR personal guilty pleasures. Because inquiring minds want to know!


At 04 Februar, 2007 09:53, Blogger tz said...

i envy musical people! and bourbon drinkers for that matter...;-) and so happy to be blogrolled, i feel like i'm now officially a blogger, i just have to get up my own techno savvy and figure that out...oh who am ikidding i'll just ask techno geek husband.

At 05 Februar, 2007 23:35, Blogger psuacoustician said...

The candle.... its nice to see people using candle of remembrance for their fallen string instruments.........

At 06 Februar, 2007 10:55, Blogger Emily:) said...

Dude, my pleasure. The RRR fam also had a great time on Saturday and I can barely keep from peeing my pants with excitement at our future Operation: Hall & Oates autograph adventures.

At 06 Februar, 2007 21:42, Anonymous Denise said...

Guilty pleasure? I don't think Vodka/tonic counts since I don't really sneak that. Maybe french fries covered with cheese. Not the fake cheese. The real stuff. Shred it up and throw it in the oven on top of the cooked fries. Oh, and dipped in mayo & ketchup. Oh wait, I don't sneak that either.

Maybe if I'm feeling wild and crazy I'll get whole milk instead of nonfat or not freak out if they put whipped cream on my mocha.

I need to wait until you come back into town so that we can enter the world of "singers Denise loves but can't find anyone to enjoy them with." I had to put Ian Matthews "Shake It" on my myspace. I better google him to see if he's still alive....

At 08 Februar, 2007 00:52, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

yes, get your playlists together for me, Jan Brady!

At 20 Februar, 2007 16:37, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Holy crap, you are NOT going to see Hall and Oates!?!?!? No WAY are they touring together again?? That is beyond amazing, and I'm totally jealous. Okay- just found their web site- wow- it's true!

But what happened to Oate's (I'm pronouncing that "Oatsez") sweet stache?? Can he even sing without that thing? Always imagined it a bit like Samson's hair.

Please let us know how it goes.

At 20 Februar, 2007 16:44, Blogger Gina Grace said...

Oh- I forgot my guilty pleasure:

Thursday night gluttonous TV watching. Thank the lord I have Tivo now, so I can watch:

The Office, My name is Earl, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Grey's, Men in Trees, Scrubs (ie ALL the shows I watch on a given week) in one single night.


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