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29 Dezember 2006

Snowshoe Sally

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest, where I did indeed make it to Seattle after a LONG-a** day of airport waiting. Ugh.

All I've done is eat (primarily Asian food and/or cookies and sweets and the like) and bip around and jingle-jangle. Heading up True North for New Years Eve. Debauchery reports to (perhaps) follow.

Just checking in-what's new in blogger land, people?


At 30 Dezember, 2006 12:57, Anonymous Anonym said...

great pic. now u dont look too funny with walking sticks.

At 30 Dezember, 2006 17:06, Blogger tz said...

looks like you could be in denver right now. soundw and looks like a fun time! enjoy new years!

At 31 Dezember, 2006 18:25, Anonymous Denise said...

Will we be able to get together before you head back out of town????? I am pretty free--more free on the 3rd when kids 1 and 2 head back to school. Just email me. We are up and running again.


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