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11 Februar 2007

Making nice, etc.

"Hey, Lisaopolis, wait, yeah, you. Any word on when you're returning 'your' Hello Kitty guitar?"

Congratulations to my girls The Dixie Chicks for your total Grammy sweep tonight. Yes, I actually watched the Grammy Awards this year, which I don't think I'd done since high school, back when I REALLY. was. into. who. was. winning. the. awards. I popped them on this year 'cause in my humble opinion there was (a) actual talent represented (Mary J. Blige, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Corinne Bailey-Rae, John Legend, John Mayer [cut your damn hair, man!] to name a few) and (b) I needed something on in the background to accompany my gathering 'o article tidbits for my ever-morphing draft of my study which will likely change the world of foreign language reading online as we know it. Or something like that.

I did experience a tinge of ye-olde Schadenfreude when the Grammy cameras panned over the country artists sitting in the audience with looks of disdain as the Chicks picked up "Country Album of the Year'. I guess they are 'country'. Whatevs. I also experienced a tinge of "Natalie, MUST you keep TALKing?" as Nat, who did look faboo in her new brunette locks, came accross to me as standoffish and a bit...immature. I'm hoping it was just her nerves. I applaud the Goddess of Banjo Emily and Fiddle Maven Marty for relaying much more gracious and humble sentiments as they accepted their awards. But whatever, it's not like they are reading this blog. Hi girls, but look, if you are reading, I was the one who was in the nosebleed section of your August '06 D.C. show, yelling as a result of being super excited to see you and possibly also due to the pre-show cocktails my youngest sister made me drink. It wasn't my fault.

I'm sure all the whack jobs out there who think the Dixie Chicks are anti-American are hating what-they-may-call a liberal conspiracy of the Chicks going 5-for-5 with the Gramms. Yeah. I bet Nancy Pelosi rigged the whole thing. Because you know she is the reason why the Bears won the Super Bowl. Helen Mirren*, get ready, the Oscar is in your bag, it's all part of the plan to overthrow family values.

So, in short, I was VERY pleased to see these three women get awarded for their musical efforts. I remain in awe of their musicianship. Not much else to say except they are, again, in my HUMBLE opinion, the genuine article.

OK, but I have one last thought. Did they win for their talents or was their win part of a 'it's-cool-to-be-against-the-administration-suddenly-pendulum-swinging-the-other-way' type thing that seems to be going on?

Your thoughts?

*By the way, I saw "The Queen" this afternoon and...NO one else could have played QE2 with dignity and style like Dame Mirren. Excellent film. Funny, moving, poignant. Outstanding performances by all.


At 12 Februar, 2007 05:22, Anonymous anne said...

interesting to read how the tall one's lack of graciousness stood out.

good to know about The Queen!

hard to know why their musicianship is being recognized maybe as much as you'd like but more than you expected?

At 12 Februar, 2007 08:19, Blogger tz said...

maybe a cigar is just a cigar and they won because they were good? I go cross eyed at conspiricy theories. ;-) it's a part of my feeblemindedness

At 12 Februar, 2007 19:00, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Yes, I also believe it's because they can deliver the musical goods and the 'industry' has recognized that. Yay!

At 12 Februar, 2007 23:54, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

AAH, the tall one is Emily, not Natalie. Natalie is the short one in the middle. Just 'for your FYI', as we say...teeeheeeheheheheeee! And 'on like Donkey Kong is some 80's saying, I've forgotten its origin...

At 17 Februar, 2007 03:20, Anonymous anne said...

okay, i'm following you now! thx!

At 20 Februar, 2007 16:25, Blogger Gina Grace said...

If I didn't like the Dixie Chicks, and/or if I regularly used sentences that included the phrases "the American family" then I might think that they were rewarded because its cool to not like the president. But they totally rock, so I'll just be happy that they won.

I loved every one in "The Queen," and was especially thrilled that they Welsh Corgis were featured so prominently. Excellent K9 acting. I mean, it really looked like they knew she was the alpha female. And did you NOT CATCH the "Walkies!!!" Made me miss Sandy, and the.... Dog training RECORDS(?!?) we used to get from the library.

Oh, and I take 0% of the responsibility for you being "over served" the night of their concert. I actually place all of the blame on Donald Rumsfeld. Okay, okay... his press secretary's wife. But no need to be nitpicky. My point being- if he hired staffers who kept better control of their wives, and had a better handle on the concept of the American family, we wouldn't have gotten into the whole mess. Clearly.

At 20 Februar, 2007 21:15, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

TOTALLY caught the 'walkies' of Ms. Janet Woodlawn or whatever that fine lady's name was who was 'the' Brit dog trainer of the century, RIP.

I agree, it's not my prob that Moms Gone Wild er, Rummy's press sec's wife prompted our malfeasance. Wait, did I say that out loud? Clearly, all alchies and liars, the whole lot of 'em.

At 22 März, 2007 12:34, Anonymous Anonym said...

They won because the music industry chooses the winners of the Grammys and its cool to be against Bush in the music industry. Essentially mindless fools that should just shut up and sing. (Note: This comment does not apply to Ted Nugent, that guy rocks!)


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