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23 März 2007


Below is my visual DNA, simul-inspired by Ginapalooza and W,F & D. I hope it was not left at any crime scene or will be used against me on a Maury Show paternity test episode. Oh, and I have my final draft of my thesis done. Bring on revisions, aww yeah. I never thought I'd do this. As in, I had moments where I was like "what would happen if I just...didn't turn anything in? Cause remind me again why I am giving a sh*t?" This was usually around the time I'd be working on my crappy lit review, or pulling some analysis out of my dairy-air. But then I looked over it again tonight and heck, it aint half bad! My sleep patterns have been off, my apartment is at its officially Worst Ever State of Disarray, my neck is killing me, I haven't been exercising, and my skin is breaking out, which it rarely does-something is not right.

BUT, my class that I teach is awesome and full of really great personalities. And on Monday, I was in the front row for most of the surprisingly fan-freaking-tastic in every way Hall & Oates show with Red, Red Rine and her mom. I scored a guitar pick from Tom 'T-Bone' Wolk, H & O's guitarist and one of my longtime musical heroes and bass player idols. As you can see in the photos, we weren't close enough to the action (mwah!) Note Exhibit 'A', below (photos by Red, Red, Rine):

There's Hall (he's sixty ONE years old, how did that happen?)

And here's Oates. Any guy that wears a Penn State t-shirt on the circuit is OK by me. No signature 'stache, but he rocked nonetheless

So there's THAT. I was having a drink with a friend this afternoon after we got tickets for tomorrow night's Chris Botti concert (yes!). We were sitting at a table that opened to the street, it was very Euro/metro, watching the rain trickle down and the undies (undergrads) walk by, and we realized that unless you've done this thing called thesis writing, or in many others' cases, 'dissertating', you just can't get why it's all-consuming and why it's so freaking hard and why you go into morph mode and have to actually rely on your friends to make sure you get out and be social on a semi-regular basis, even if just for a spell. And I'm totally social about not letting school rule my life, for the most part, so just think, there are poor suckers out there who are worse off. It's a process to grapple with, for sure. But I am happy with what I have, even to a point where I'm-gasp-into it. I defend on April 3, so wish me luck! And I've heard some people doing MA degrees in humanities without having to do much for it. Suffice it to say, mine is not such a degree. But I think I'm OK with that. Has anyone seen my ass? Because it's worked off...

And now: My virtual DNA. Please do comment, all two of you out there!


At 23 März, 2007 18:51, Blogger tz said...

dig the DNA thing, I will def. have to do that. and congrats on working your ass off...that's fantastic...i'm not sure i've ever been in a position where I had to look for's there, everyone can see can still see it when i turn the corner..hahah, at least i can laugh at myself. seriously, congrats and good luck on the 3rd! i'm sure you'll do GREAT.

At 24 März, 2007 09:49, Anonymous Anonym said...

HI Lisa! Back from the snowy Berkshires and the clean air. My browser does not support the DNA thing. How can that BE since I even got a cell phone at LONG last under moral and ethical duress. Thinking of you on the 4th..I think I saw your a** at the coffee counter chez Zabar. Pardon my ancient-ness, but what is MEME? Love, Cindy

At 01 April, 2007 02:44, Blogger The Wendy Lady said...

You rock! I'll be thinking of you on the 3rd & looking forward to the day I have to call you Dr Lisa. :)


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