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03 April 2007

Mistress of my Master

Let it be known...

...that I successfully passed (and even enjoyed, gasp) my MA defense today and thereby officially declare myself, now with two Masters degrees in tow as:

Over-educated and under-rich!

Wheee, this is indeed a massive load off my shoulders. I don't even know how to react yet, what does it mean to be not overtaxed with writing and preparation adrenaline?



At 04 April, 2007 08:33, Blogger tz said...

how about wander around aimlessly for a couple hours, which is how I usually react to life altering events.

congratulations! that's wonderful, you must be really smart...goofy laugh right now.

At 04 April, 2007 15:27, Anonymous Denise said...

WAY TO GO, Lisa!!!!!! You are the super scholar of the Universe!

At 05 April, 2007 08:57, Blogger tz said...

totally off subject, but thought you may find it interesting, I googled zimmerhouse and your blog popped up...
i need a life :-)

At 05 April, 2007 11:03, Anonymous Jon said...

Whoo hoo! Master of multiple domains. Go for a third!

At 06 April, 2007 10:38, Anonymous Anonym said...

YAYYY!!! FREEDOM!!!! Lots of love and congrats, Cindy


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