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02 März 2006

mardi blah

"Whether You Fall / Means Nothing At All / It's Whether You Get Up / It's Whether You Get Up..."
(Tracy Bonham: "Whether You Fall" from CD "Blink the Brightest", 2005. A darn fine disc! )

Doesn't this story about What They Now Say They Did Know Before The Big One Hit just make you want to toss your cookies, not in a remotely good way? I mean, disgraceful. And there's video to boot. Bush administration supporters, don't just troll there, speak up and justify this guy, I want to hear it, really I do, I want to hear someone else's opinion.

I just perused this story while glancing over Yahoo so it's not like this is from some hidden intellectual news source. Besides, it's AP, available anywhere. I've learned that (a) yes, it CAN and WILL get worse (prompting me wish for incarnation as a 1920's Paris underground drifter et bon viveur type, hallucinating from too much absinthe, all debaucherous maximus, all the time, including dank living quarters, bad teeth, various freaky diseases, but damn, a HECK of a lot of FUN!) and (b) you have to revert back to 'a' because that's the way it is.

I'm thinking of drafting a 'Dear Senator So-Und-So, please take to the Senate floor this tidbit and make sure it's on a day when the Pres gets wind that I wrote in finally. Please disclose all information to us now instead of leaking it slowly and/or sucumbing to our super fair media and getting things blown all over kingdom come...share the love and be forthcoming about your shortcomings and goings. I'd really rather have you admit your fallability than display your flubability, it'd be so much more flattering for you. Yours sincerely, Lisaopolis"

Good night.


At 02 März, 2006 11:04, Anonymous Ruth said...

OK - what I don't get is that it seems to be ok for this administration to lie.

Billy-boy got impeached for lying about oral sex. Bush, 4 days after the hurricane, said, "I don't think anyone could have anticipated the breach of the levees", when we now have the video of people telling him that that was a very real, and grave, possibility. Never mind the WMDs, the "they'll welcome us with open arms", the "we've broken the back of the insurgency in Iraq" - all of which I guess could be termed 'manipulations of the truth', but this - this is an outright lie.

However, because it's about the government response to a natural disaster which cost thousands of people their lives, that's ok. If it were a blow-job, though - whew - watch out.

It makes me sick. Thanks for the rant.

At 02 März, 2006 14:52, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

rants welcome all the time! good hearing from you. i totally agree. this is an outrage and it's gonna go by the wayside, I fear. disgrace. disgrace, disgrace.

At 03 März, 2006 01:18, Anonymous Anonym said...

yea fema is a joke. some animal group (dunno if it was pets) had a much more organized group setup to save the animals. thats a shame.
what is fema doing with all the money? and i read about motor homes sitting idle that were purchased to house the displaced. a joke.
bush cant take all the blame, but he isnt very good at lying like bill was. i suppose it goes by the wayside since it was a poor state? if it was n.y. it would be more high profile.
whats your take on the u.a.e. and the ports?!

when u throwing an absinthe party?

At 03 März, 2006 12:57, Blogger Lisaopolis said...

Actually, I'm having an absinthe party right now, can't you tell my my very green blog background? :)

UAE and the ports, bad idea. Totally absurd and reeks of shady back parlor deals.

Bill a better liar? Hmm. Werid. I don't get what you mean. Then again, what president hasn't lied in some capacity? I guess I am just concerned at the needless deaths on this W's lying watch.

At 03 März, 2006 19:47, Blogger psuacoustician said...

engineers knew the challenger was going to explode but the management swept in under the rug.... lovely thing lying

At 06 März, 2006 14:04, Blogger stefanierj said...

I agree, Lis. When Slick Willie lied, nobody died--isn't that the saying?

The fema footage is outRAGEOUS!! But at least MB was trying to do his job after all. The UAE with the ports I'm not so upset about--if anything, it'll ensure even greater scrutiny--I'm much more worried about ALL THE OTHER PORTS (which of course are also run by foreign enterprises) being susceptible to al qaeda penetration.

At 07 März, 2006 01:17, Anonymous said...

Yes. Nightmarish to see how it can get worse. Hard to take it all in and then feel positively productive...

I remember growing up thinking how cool the 60's seemed, all that Room To Make a Difference.

We sure have our chance. Remembering that politicians are people and trying to focus on what we can do. Which is a hell of a lot.

Do I sound like a politician now? Venting's an important part of the discussion, but it's relieving to see that I can click to donate to Red Cross. (I know they left New Orleans quickly, but their mission is to assist, not to put themselves in harm's way.)

I know some Republicans who are aware and horrified and smart and working toward good things. Their awareness isn't necessarily in sync with the "givens" of my buddies with liberal arts degrees. Some of the people I'm thinking of probably didn't have as much schooling in history. right.


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