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10 April 2007

how is it that... soon as I've pretty much finished ONE huge thing (insert thesis here), the next round of big things comes up?

Oh yes, I forgot: such is life!

On a spiritual note, I did feel a bit more 'He-is-risen-indeed!' this Easter, with my own personal resurection of things that are new to come. Like it's a new start. I had my little moment of holy feel-good-ed-ness, in my own way. Granted, at this stage, my next career path is all unclear and blurry but...I am optimistic and really glad with how I have managed to proceed with things. Now if only I could attack my PILES of grading with some vim 'n vigor...I can't keep students waiting since they were awesome (most of them) about getting everything in on time, in the format requested by moi.

Here's hoping you had a nice Easter or Passover or whatever you are celebrating at the momement. The night before Easter, some friends came over and we dyed Easter eggs. Oh my goodness, I need to do more arts 'n crafts, it was so much fun! Followed by the next day of much cooking and waaaay too much eating, which makes me really think I need to focus on getting back in shape and not stuffing myself with egg salad and ham for the masses, I mean, leftovers. Sheesh.

AND...I do think a "Ten Commandments" party is in order soon. You see, the night of Easter egg dyeing, the 1956 film was playing, starring of course, Charlton Heston as Moses. So much gold lame', rippling abs (um, hello Yul Brynner...hottie!) and sweeping declarations. My favorite over-the-top lines were:

Ramses to Moses (a.k.a.: Yul Brynner to Charlton Heston): "...and what kingdom do you hail from?"
Moses to Ramses (in booming Charlton Heston voice): "I come...from the kingdom of...ON HIGH!"

Sock it to him Moses!

And another classic line, right at the apex of the famous, technologically-for-the-times-advanced parting of the Red Sea scene:

Random fleeing Israelite to Moses: "Moses! Stand upon the rock so the people will see you and you'll give them hope!"

Classic. classic.

I do believe that these scenes are best appreciated with a certain sense of humor at how very overly-dramatic they really are. And I maintain that Charleton Heston was the Keanu Reeves of his day: real eye candy, but dude...acting skillz? Hmmm...

I wonder why they were playing "The Ten Commandments" on regular network TV (ABC). Was it for Passover? By the way, I do a lot of reading on Jewish holiday traditions, since I don't know all the details (likely due to the fact that, well, I'm not Jewish), and they do fasinate me in their rituals. I want to know what all the "Kosher For Passover!" biz is that I'd seen at the grocery stores all week. Some side research on 'the online' has strongly suggested to me that if I had to clean my place to rid my dwelling of all chametz, well, there'd be a LOT of work to do. Oy to the vey.

That's all for now. Lastly, the Most Interesting thing from PA at the moment is the freaking COLD SNAP that yanked away our 70-degree temps of last week. SNOW on Easter. It's been in the 30s since. Good LARD!


At 11 April, 2007 12:27, Blogger tz said...

we had snow here for Easter too...i made bunny trails up to our front door, the kids were sooo excited they could see them.

Sounds like you had a fab time. Happy belated Easter.

At 04 Mai, 2007 00:23, Anonymous anne said...

(hey there was snow on snoqualmie pass too!)

belated belated congrats on Finishing!!

i really REALLY personally hope that the idea of a Ten Commandments Party does not get forgotten!

Reading this makes me chyuckle up, thankyouverymuch! =)

At 01 September, 2007 02:56, Anonymous Anonym said...

Howdy Lisa & K:
This is Tu-Ha.
It is now 12:45 a.m. as I write; watching a re-run (?) of Conan O'Brien right now...I wonder what it would be like if Conan and Carrot Top had a baby together? Wld the baby be called "Double Cinnamon Head?"

On another note.
Love your pictures and all the cool stories about "The Road to the NW." Randomly speaking, did I tell you what's "on the menu" for my BIG PARTY ON SEPT 9TH?

* Egg Rolls - 75 piece count; hand rolled by Chef Thu Le
* Turkey, swiss mini wraps created by Costco on 4th Ave/Seattle.
* Platter of Shrimp w/Cocktail Sauce also from Costco
* Pasta Salad from Costco
* Fruit Platter/ Veggie Platter QFC- Rainier Ave South/Seattle
* Giant Chocolate Cake - Costco Bakery

For Drinks:

+ 2 Gigantic bottles of Champagne
+ 6 Huge bottles of White Wine (Chardonney, Reisling, and mystery item I chose)
+ 6 Huge bottles of RED (various years; various wineries)
+ 1 LARGE CRATE; 18 + botts; Miller Beer in PLASTIC BOTTLES (yes, beer in PLASTIC bottles-- does exist b/c lots of folks wanted to go camping/outdoor stuff... plastic is lighter to tote around and when it drops on a large rock...plastic does NOT break like glass botts -- you know?)
+ Water, pop, juice (for the kids or folks who act like kids) and hot tea...

TO CLOSE, are you ready for the MILLION $$ question? ARE YOU COMING TO MY PARTY???

No pressure ok,
Just wondering...
Luv, laughter and peace,

At 01 September, 2007 02:59, Anonymous Anonym said...

Question: How come I can't see the previous comment I left you?

Just wondering,
Sept 1, 2007

At 01 September, 2007 03:21, Anonymous Anonym said...

"3rd Times a Charm"

SURPRISE! It's Tu-Ha again!
Ok this is the last one for the night...

~ Other News from Mustang Land ~
In various order and if you don't remember these folks from high school- don't worry...

Headliner # 1- I went to Wendy Williams (married named now Ogden- she was the Mustang Mascot/Horse) little boy's 6th year old bday party last night in Everett!! It was rockin man!! I also went to Wendy's little girl's (Naomi age 1) bday 3 weeks ago...

H2: Still keep in touch with Hillary Blystone (McLaughlin-married name) and Amy Hausenfleck (Tovel). Also with Kristine Hubbard (RHS 88)-- went to her Bro's Wedding (Rod Hubbard - RHS 90) Camano Island 7-7-07.

H3: Annie Sudderth (Miller) - is walking 60 miles in 3 days for Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Her lil boy Ben is just adorable !! I am IN LOVE with Baby Ben.

H4: Last 2 weeks, Tues-Eves...I've been going to Softball games out in Redmond. 3 guys from our graduating class play: Adam Welker/Brian Huffman/Joe Denminico. Adam is the coach and Brian & Joe represent DIVERSITY (actually I do too) b/c B & J are the only guys on these teams who are NOT -- that's negative; NOT Mormon and NOT on the payroll at Microsoft...

H5: Mary Welker (married to Adam the Coach in H4) just had their 6th child last week.

H6: Jennifer Willman (now Huffman - yes married to Brian Huffman in H4) and kids are doing great. Tomorrow, I will go visit Jen's Parents and her grand-daddy (Grandpa Joe) -- he's 93 yrs old! Wow!!

H7: I keep calling your Sister, Anne, to see if she'll get together with me...The ever elusive Anne only writes email; I no longer hear her voice on the phone. I know she is busy with work, The Man, The Big Move to the new domicile, etc... PLEASE TELL HER that I must see her BEFORE 2008 or I will find a way to have a deported WITH ME to some weird country that only has GEESE EMBRYO for lunch!! Laugh...

To close, did I forget anything else?
Yes, I did...
H8: Debbie Peck class '89 (niece of Adam Welker above- also class of 89 - good ol' Mormon Family) who is married to Matt Schupp (younger brother of Krissy, Class of 88) -- The Schupps live on Whidney Island and have a bunch of kids... They do home construction or something like that...

OK are you exhausted from all this news?
I am certain there's something I forgot to tell you but for now; I have to go prepare some BEEF BRISKET b/c I LOVE TO COOK ALL THE TIME...Yes, even in the middle of the night!!

Peace Love Harmony,


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