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22 Mai 2007


My Most Interesting news items are as follows:
  • I have graduated with my second MA and am now, at least presumably, DONE with graduate studies for like, EVER, and I don't quite know what to do with myself (job search aside).
  • Also, I was just in Saint Lucia for ten days. Saint Lucia--in the West Indies, between Martinique and St. Vincent, just a tick west of Barbados. You know the one.

  • So I recently got back Stateside and am easing into cooler temps, less sun, no daily intake of mahi-mahi and dasheen and regular rum drinks, a lack of astoundingly polite children and men with super fit washboard ab bods (OK, they can like me because I'm blonde and foreign, I can be shallow...) and not waving at every villager I see all the time. In fact, I think people here think I'm weird because I greet EVERYONE and say "pardon me" a LOT more than usual. But I'm not speaking patois, so I'm not TOTALLY geeked, OK? Not that I speak patois (or insert local language here) really, but I did toss a few phrases I heard there around just to provide the illusion that maybe, just MAYbe, white girl understands a tad. Ah, pragmatic competence. Or, if you will, what I like to refer to as My Internationally Mysterious Ways. Hey, gets a laugh out of Japanese students. OK, so anywhoo. Here are a few snaps before I figure out when to put down more detail. By the way, I'm currently in Wahington State re-charging and enjoying unemployment (HA!). More later!

    Dutiful application of SPF 30 Coppertone face non-oily formula sun protection. No fried faces on this trip, mon.

    Surveying the scene above Vieux Fort, overlooking the island's Atlantic side:

    I felt a bit scuzzy with my unruly hair compared to all the Saint Lucian women with their nice 'plaits' (er, St. Lucian kids look at me weird when I say 'braids', much like American kids would if I'd say 'plaits' (plats). So there's THAT). So my little buddy "D" here is fixing me up:
    But I didn't have the heart to tell her that my fine hair just doesn't plait up that well. Aw, shucks. So we resorted to slurpy soppy mango eating on the beach (here: at our hanging-out-with-locals-on-a-private-property-beach-grilling-local-foods-all-day-and-making-all-kinds-of-things-out-of -nature's-bounty-such-as-varying-ways-to-enjoy-coconuts day):

    That's all for now! I've got to go look at my tan while it lasts. Your comments go below:


    At 25 Mai, 2007 11:13, Blogger tz said...

    oh for those of us, ok me, who are not in the loop, where are you? hope you are having fun and glad you're protecting the face!

    At 27 Mai, 2007 07:53, Blogger tz said...

    ok now my comment doesn't make any sense...for awhile only the picture of you applying sunscreen was up and now everything else is sorry,
    sounds like a great visit and what no pics of those washboard abs?

    At 28 Mai, 2007 13:34, Anonymous anne said...

    neat sampling of pics!

    like the coining of "enjoying unemployment (HA)"

    pretty exciting to be setting out into the wild blue yonder...! (ie: precarious- feeling but OPEN!)

    At 29 Mai, 2007 09:19, Blogger psuacoustician said...

    You're alive!!!!


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