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03 Mai 2005

Can you spot Kermit the Frog somewhere on this interface?

I think I saw him amongst all this green.

QUIZ: This green interface was chosen (a) as a shout-out to the Evergreen State, the land from whence I hail (bonus minus points if you don't know which state that is; add 5 if you can name its capitol and 5 if you know the govenor...add 2 if you know who still thinks he can fanangle a re-election to gain the position) or (b) just because I like the calming affect of green or (c) the other choices were just not what I was going for or (d) as a tribute to remembering to take care of our Mother Earth.

If you guessed 'all of the above' you may have what it takes to gain insight into the Mind of Me. If not, don't feel bad, we can't all be hyperinsightful mindreaders. Please do keep stopping by.

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