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18 Mai 2005

"Use the Force, Luke!"

The very first time I heard the word "DATA" was in an utterance by this bad boy:
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"Get the data tapes" or something like that. And in my I-was-old-enough-to-remember-going-to-see-the-ORIGINAL-Star-Wars curious state of growing into my own person, wondering, what is this 'data' of which he breathes heavily?

And to think that today my life revolves around data. It's a thing of beauty to reflect on the influence of Star Wars in my life. The need for Princess Leia buns notwithstanding.

Today I supply you with Most Interesting Reports on Centre County and Borough happenings: one of my anonymous informants has reported sightings of grown men dressed in Jedi costumes outside the 'Premier' movie theater/re in State College, PA. 'Premiere', is such a misnomer by they way, as this theater/re is in actuality a giant box in a parking lot towards the outskirts of town. It would be nice if it were IN town, so that going to it were more of an event. But the racing car seats and surround sound make a nice alternative to the other crap-yet-you-sneak-beer-in-so-who-cares movie houses. Anywhoo, I suppose this means that the much-awaited next installment of Star Wars is here.

I will be passing on this event, as (a) I was up all night watching some of Season 2 of The L Word; see, I have to get it out my system, it's either all or nothing with these TV shows, and now if I don't see the rest of the season I might die of curiosity. Some things I like in S2, some things remain very 'WTF?". Thank you to the psuacoustician for supporting my cable TV series crack habit and tempting me with jeest enough episodes that I can handle at a time while still longing to see how It All Turns Out. I am now therefore (b) catching up on sleep and (c) need to just spend some time reading before I write tomorrow or later tonight. A Friday noon deadline.

It's a super gorgeous day out and I'm treating it like a Sunday...feeling very much like I'm giving the Seven Deadly Sin category of SLOTH a run for its money.

Fret me!

Thank you to those of you who comment here, and to those of you who don't, pu-shaw.