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27 September 2005

Blondes Have More Fun

Ach ja!
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Just to keep up with the Drop Dead Red fine beverages from Ginapalooza. Props out to other hair color names in fine Northwest products. Actually, Redhook's Blonde Ale is their only brew I really like. Not just because of the name, but because of the taste. It has less 'weird microbrew flavor' and more 'yum' to it.

Unfortunately, I'm worried about the brunettes out there. "Brunette Bitter" or "Brown Brew" just sound a bit silly. Like it makes you think more of the actual hair or something, and I don't want to think about that whilst enjoying a fine brew. I could provde you with an exegesis on semantic categories of color and their relevant associations within the food and beverage industry, but, since it's sunny out today and I am not going to write much now, you are hereby spared. I was also going to say something about blondes and redheads kicking booty (in that order, of course; redheads will claim it's the other way around but that's only because they so want it to be true. Mwahahahhhaha!).

BTW, and this is for all hair colors: I'm only repeating what I hear because I only tell true strories, or at the very least, Most Interesting ones. Apparently there was some eating contest in Germany where people ate hair balled up with butter. Can you imagine winning something like that? Nice for the digestive tract. Now, if that doesn't qualify as 'nast', I don't know what does.

Yep, made me want to hurl too. Sorry! Comments: