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14 Mai 2005

Damn that Showtime, it's the poor man's crack!

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The goal of posting this photo is to make you lick the screen. Lucious smooth drinking chocolate, it's quite delectable*. Happy Saturday, where I am again getting nothing practical for work done, despite mental scheduling to do so. What is wrong with me?

Now, recall that I don't have cable, so I usually rent DVDs by the bucketfull and try to get whole seasons of TV series when I can (it's cheaper per month and no annoying commercials, and I can watch on my own time). I have a preference for HBO and Showtime series because they are 'edgier' and present subject matter one does not usually see on prime-time US telly-vision-ay. Reminds me more of Euro television. Take 'OZ' for example. Hard core prison life, very Interesting indeed. Or 'Queer as Folk'. In addition to the usual uber-drama (notwithstanding the fact that the story takes place in Pittsburgh but the characters do not sound remotely Picksburg-ish), the fact that actor Gale Harold is the number one doer of gorgeous men on screen and in real-life a straight man? I'm sorry, that's just freaking HOT.

So last night, at the suggestion of a friend and fellow rock star, I checked out Showtime's 'The L Word', starring Flash Dance star Jennifer Beals. OK, so I was thinking it would just be a lesbian version of QAF, which it essentially is, but oh the drama! I was up half the night watching it all unfold. Shiny gorgeous people with not a care about money who always meet at the same cafe and who are always pretty. And it only rains in scenes requiring bad weather metaphors (your air of international mystery is both intriguing and repulsive; I'm sorry to have emasculated you by letting a woman do me-I hope you're OK with that; I know I'm gay but I'm still a tool to my corporate sponsors so we have to break up, etc. etc.). I'm starting to like some of the characters, the writing is Interesting. Even though sometimes it's like who the hell has apartments always that clean? Who can atually talk about who is sleeping with whom at ALL times?

What is it about these cable shows that are just super dramatic and addicting? I think it is the content again, it's less boring than usual TV. Which means they show much better sex. Featuring gorgeously toned bodies of all kinds who always leave fully satiated. When you get two (or more, depending on the storyline) beautiful human bodies intertwining it can be aesthetically pleasing indeed. Although I have to say, for the L Word, I'm just not quite sure how girl on girl...well, whatever. Just a thank you to the producers for also including those token hot hetero sex moments...a little sumpin sumthin for us girls that's not, well...girls. Even though, yes, I fully agree, some of the ladies on the show are Girl Crush Hot. Doh! I'm using that as a band name, do NOT steal it from me.

So now, darn it, I'm gonna have to get the rest of the DVDs and see how the season pans out.

If you have read this far, write comments or you will never see this blog again!

*No, this is not a ploy to help you move my Starbucks stock. But if you purchase about 8 zillion of these 'chantico' delectables, you might tweak it a notch and I'll take you out to lunch.