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30 August 2005

Lucy Lederer

OK, here I'm going know what, no, I'm NOT going to post about me licking whipped cream off a hottie's chest at the only club in town on Sunday evening that my friends PAID for, I will first have to see the photos (that is, if Malfeasance doesn't publish them first...) and all that. I do have my reputation to consider, but let's just say Long Live Happy Hour and the crazy things it talks us into.

Rather, I will blog about what we here in The Borough know is hot and 'aktuell' (which does not mean 'actual'), namely, the First Day of Classes.

Ah, the first day of classes, boy howdy, getting up an at 'em was sure a snap. HA. It's really not so much the 'up' as it is the 'at 'em'. The elevator in the building where my first class is doesn't seem to work (hmm, elevator trends, see my most previous post), so that will take care of my need to hike up and down three flights daily. Wheee! It's also gray and muggy out, which has resulted in me feeling like I've been stuck in a nasty sweat pool all day. Neat! And so easy on the hairdo!

I'm getting a good vibe from my students so far and I have more than enough work cut out for me with my own papers, could be a whole heck-uv-uh lot worser, I am supposing. If I survive this semester then I am going to revive the "Bionic Woman" TV series and take the starrring role as myself.

Alrighty, without further ado, today's Most Interesting Penna tidbit features a delightful little gem I uncovered whilst nordic walking to recoop from the giornata. I'm sure everyone else already knows about this nugget, but that's besides the point. Feeling wild and crazy and, actually, more like I have to walk in this sportlich way practically every day now because my body is onto it like crack, I extended things a bit. By the way, I have an extra set of poles now so anyone who wants to join me is welcome to do so. I can't fly you in so it's probably better if you already live in the area.

Today I verged off the concrete and onto the wooded trail towards Lederer Park, following the sign marking the "Arboretum Loop". What a find! Not only was the change of terrain most excellent, allowing, no, necessitating removal of the street pads/ends of my poles to go hardcore with just the pointy ends, but the fresh (albeit damp) air was super-duper and doing the whole little route thingie was not hard at all. Plus the leaves are starting to fall already so the whole thing was just delite. The loop circumvents a field with trees marked for kingdom/phyllus/class/order/family/genus and/or species and would be a perfect place for a picnic, adventurous jaunt or romantic interlude. Anywhoo, and lo and behold, there is even a whimsical little statue of 'ole Lucy Lederer herself, who apparently made the park happen. So thank you, Lucy! And thank you to your parents for giving you such a snappy name or for having the foresight to hook up with Mr. Lederer so that your name changed from Lucy So-and-So to something that is just darn fun to say out loud three times fast.

So try Lederer Park and its jolly trails some time. That's where I'll be spending more time mulling over "C.-rap, SO much really hard work to do, ugh, can I do anyhing at all???"

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