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29 August 2007

"We Love Ohio. And Ohio Loves US."

This is the Ohio state flag. Which we've seen quite a bit of.

DAY TWO: Cleveland, OH to Defiance, OH. Thank you to our think tank at HQ for guiding us to hotel-age in Cleveland!

We are taking contest entries for guesses on what is going on in this scene. NOTE: no one has been arrested, we are all safe, and things will be least until the next 'thing'.

RULE #8: Pay attention when those indicator lights go off in the car, ladies!

Meanwhile, other roadie pics from today...
Pre-drive tire check...

...and the oil check.

...radiator fluids = lookin' fine.

Oh my goodness, in case you have always wondered what Lake Erie looks like, here you go.

See RULE # from yesterday...

"'Grease Monkey' is just one of the many services I provide..."

OK, that's all for now. More soon. Going to take a dip in the pool here at the Comfort Inn in Defiance, OH. Did I mentioned we're still in Ohio? We should be ready to roll again tomorrow around noon. Because that's when Madge the Wonderbuick should be ready, all fresh from her spa day. She has been working so hard, after all. Bless her.

That is all--and don't forget to leave us comments because we love them!. Roger that.