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23 Mai 2005

Opposite of orange on the color scale is....

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Before I really begin and so that I don't use the term 'red state' and 'dark ages' in the same breath because that would just be a timewaster, I have to share that Nick Lache and Jessica Simpson are on TV now "on the front lines in Iraq". How the hell does Jessica Simpson get to the front lines? Whatever. This is yack, I have to change the channel. I'm all for entertainment for people working overseas (been there, done that...oh, I wasn't working in the military, did my work not count? Sorry...) but I'm feeling some minor barfing pains coming up at seeing this lavish expense for...oh man, it's getting bad. Shhhyaa, by the by, I'm down with "Team America" now, I know the nation's underground anthem..I'm feeling it rear its head on this show, and I don't mean in the hillarity sense.

Oh, oh. what's that? OK, Jessica just said "Hello from Rammstein Air Force Base...". That makes more sense. Guess that announcer was on crack. Oh wait, my bad. After the commercial break they are going to the ZONE.

NO! Guest commedian Jimmy Kimmel or whatever his name is did NOT just say "So this is where Siegfried and Roy are from...what are we doing here, didn't we beat Germany?"

OK, got that out of my system. I don't like the song "God Bless America" anymore, there: I said it. Jessica Simpson is singing it and...oh geez, what is that screech? WOW, I never realized how much she utterly SUCKS. She is all over the place in a not good way. And damn, she's ugly. I clearly have some pent-up issues with her.

I like God and America more than the next person. But this song has just stated to conjure up things that Creep Me Out. Like "WORLD CHAMPIONS" or "WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT COUNT" or "WHEN WE SAY GOD WE MEAN THE WHITE MIDDLE CLASS CHRISTIAN GOD". Call me a pinko, I don't care. Whew, guess I had to release that demon too.

OH-Kay. I ran accross a Most Intersting link today: BuyBlue.Org. If you are a RedStater, don't fret, anything on this list? Look for the opposite and you'll locate your version, duh. Of course, no matter what your leanings are, and I would be completely unreasonable to not firmly believe this, we do need to take 'information' on the internet with a grain of salt and in a more general sense, to try and understand [doesn't have to mean 'agree with'] the OTHER, but I do think that regardless of stance, consumerism affects us all.

So much crap to choose from, so little time. I really get tired of people who gripe that they have no choice. If you are one of those people, shhhaaaddap! That is bullcrap, particularly in the US. We have more choice than we know, but some things are waning, I fear (hi, let's not let women and gay people and immigrants do as much as they could ten years ago, shall we? And while we're at it, let's slash some Mother Nature, she'll always be around). OK, I'm really trying hard not to personally insult Bush Jr. now, I'm Really Trying Hard!

Come on, you have to admit that it is Indeed Interesting to be reminded of the vast extent to which consumer products are wheeled and dealed--AND the extent to which we can (at least feel like) have choice in where we put our moolah. Don't get all worked up, I am not saying consumerism is bad! I'm a huge fan! We just have to be careful. We do have choices as to where we can put our money. So check it out, see which companies own which other companies and products.

Spread the love, think about how you spend your $$$. Or don't; that's your call. But at least know that you could. Now, now, don't fret, I'm not gonna ban Target because they tend (according to this list) to live up to their logo color and store interior [shudder] but I'm glad my general spending habits and investments lean towards the blue corner. And I'm employing 'blue' as in socially aware, senisitive to variables, and forward-thinking.

Another rant I have is how fat we are apparently becoming--it's called stop eating non-food crap and get off your toosh, duh. Look into it. Not so sure what's so hard about that, with respect to the complex extent to which healthy eating and living habits are very socially constructed.

Speaking of which, I've got some 'mystery' salmon (meaning I can't identify its origin due to texture and color, which is something people from the Pacific Northwest tend to be good at) on the broiler which I must take off. It's kind of orangey. It many not actually be salmon at all. It may be something from Star Wars, who knows.

Must run, DO comment! Oh wait, this is unreal: they are letting Jesssica Simpson shoot M4's. UNblievable. Why do all guests on an overseas 'tour' have to blow crap up?

Oh my, last thing, this is the best: Now Jessica is trying to sing "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" with Willie Nelson. Wilie is neither singing nor saying anything and looks SO COMPLETELY STONED, it's amazing. Go Willeeeehhhh!

Ameri-cuh, FU@#*! Yeah!