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06 März 2007

It's a hard knock life

"Knishes, getchyer fresh hot knishes...! (Back in the day, Greenwich Village...)

NEWS FLASH: there is now a Rita's frozen custard joint right here in State College, PA. Get your water ice ('wudder ice')! Get your gelati! Get your frozen custard! Speak in mysterious ice-cream-ish phrases that people on the West Coast will not understand! I LOVE this cultural discoveries about living in the Keystone State. It's the little things, you see. Good thing Rita's opened up just in time for outside temps to get up to MINUS TEN. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be lined up on March 21 when they give out free ices for all!

Now back to business: last night I blasted the "Annie" Soundtrack (Original Broadway Cast, 1977) and I really do believe it helped me write. I have all sections of my thesis drafted. Granted, some of the drafting needs major overhaul, but I am so happy to have at least an inkling of the feeling that I have some control over what I'm trying to do. One thing grad school has taught me is that I can bust through major mental obstacles, that's for sure. Granted, the next obstacle is worse (job? paying back rediculously high student loans? anyone?), but I'm taking a moment to savor the small steps.

OK, done with that.

So, I highly recommend the "Annie" soundtrack. Tooo-MAHROW, tahmarow, you're always. A day. A. Waaaaaay!

And just remember. If you could sing with the same gusto as one of the Orphans...well, wait, NO one sings like the Orphans.

Thinking of classic American musicals has gotten me in the mood for N.Y.C. Oh wait, I am flying NYC-bound on Friday! I'll be at a training seminar at the Goethe-Institut from Friday--Sunday then am staying a few days extra at my aunt's, to enjoy getting out of The Borough for a few days before returning to my re-writes.

My question to you, dear readers, if you are indeed out there, is: if you had a free day in the City, what would you do? If you'ven been there, what do you never miss when in NYC? If you've never been, what do you imagine one should not miss in the City?

I heart NY, indeed. Last time I was there was August, and it was that super hot, smelly, summer vibe that held the grit of a city that you can't get anywhere else. There is a certain je ne sais quois about East Coast city smells on muggy, long summer days. The kinds of days you want to slather yourself in 'wudder ice'.

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