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01 Dezember 2005

Sometimes talking to kids just makes more sense

Today's Most Interesting Thoughts are transcribed post-facto; utterances have been filtered through my own "subjective treatment..." (Some Grad Seminar, 2003) and thus may not be as accurate as a close transcription, which is OK since my main purpose is to relay the sentiments and for the love of Heck, this is just a blog! Ah, the strife of the blogger/researcher.

These snippets from a phone convo tonight with a ten-year-old buddy of mine from home. These remind me that sometimes, kids' priorities are refreshing as heck and I'd much rather hear them than fretting over every little word and theoretical framework and issue and whether or not my students are learning and other things that keep me up at night. That, and even though little dudes can be "too cool for school" (Summer Camp, 1999), it's nice to know that sometimes, just sometimes, they sneak in that they still think you're alright. Just don't try to hug them in front of their friends. Here you go:

"...yeah I recognized your voice, DUH. You have a sing-songy voice. I've known you for so long I can recognize it right away"

"Yeah we're doing like a buddy shopping thing for some kids from Hurricane Katrina. You know what would be really dumb is if someone really needed things and their parents or someone gave them money and they just bought something like an X-Box for $150.00. You should only buy an X-Box if you have a job or something."

"I lost SIX teeth in the last few weeks and I just lost one like ten minutes before you called. The dentist said this was a phase I'd lose a lot of teeth in. I'm gonna be RICH."

"Yeah it's snowing here today too...a snow day? Hm maybe just an hour delay, you know where we go in at nine instead of eight, that'd be cool."

"...My grandma bought all six Star Wars movies...-and- (whispering) she's like the biggest Lego fan EVER."

"OK, I gotta go now actually cause I really have to pee..."