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28 April 2006

Birthday pics...

Due to E.O.M.T.F. (operationalized here as "Early Onset Mid-Thirtees Forgetfulness"), I am a bit delayed in posting a few birthday pics. Maybe it's just the realization that I could feasably be the mother of any freshman or sophomore on campus. Eww, sorry, I just creeped myself out. Actually, I do feel different, there is something about THIS age number. I like!

If you'd like the full review, please email me for the link to my photos. But until then, a small teaser of wild times on a school night (gasp!) and a very excellent day/evening! Thank you, everyone, for making my day very special! Next week=no classes so I'll have some time to get cracking on my own stuff--NICE!

Here you go...!

What I found to my great pleasure on my desk upon arrival on the morning of the big day... "Older Than Latin"!

...with this linguistically awesome disclaimer...

What, you thought we were kidding about not leaving til we get cake?!

Something is a bit fishy at the counter at Saints...

More surprise CAKE!

Moving on to Cafe 210 for mini pitchers of long island iced teas and fried food items!

...and now we're all going to return back to work and do papers and/or grading! Right...!