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10 November 2005

Yes, Virgina, there IS a Santa Claus

Well, bless my Virgina ham, I hope no one is feeling too 'blue' about the govenor-elect.

Election Day was mildly stimulating and bring on the mid-term elections, baby. My absolute fave election line du jour is from Red Red Rine: "...and Bush's national approval rating dropped to 29% and it's not even Christmas yet!"

That is just genious.

OK, and I know you've been waiting for it: my Most Interesting election day story involves nordic walking poles. How do I say that so it doesn't sound completely geeky? Oh, I don't.

So, my polling place is at a local church/private school on my nordic walking path so I stopped in after my jaunt. I LOVE senior citizen election volunteers, they are so cute, are always up for a chit-chat, and were (naturally) a bit quizzical about the whole me coming in sweaty with poles thing. But I signed my name on the proper line and punched my card and checked for no hanging chads and said good bye...and on the way out...

...ran into Super Cute Guy Passing Out Flyers for some candidate. He was all over the whole pole thing so of course I took the time to give a thorough demonstration, including lettiing him try them, etc. I even forgot that he originally said something like "are you skiing?" I love it when people ask that because how can I NOT respond, "Yes, and these new invisible skiis are AMAZING, so light, it's almost like not actually skiing at all."

I must be a natural, because he was all 'I gotta get some of these". I also gave this Other Lady Passing Out Flyers the low-down, which resulted in her writing all this stuff down to look online for, and as I left, err, nordic pranced (Brown, 2005) away to lots of "wow, that sounds really great and so easy", I wondered why the HELL I didn't have business cards and/or a website where I sell poles and offer training courses of all levels. I need to be certified (perhaps in more ways than one)! Why read articles ALL the time when I can start a cottage industry? Just what I need, another side project...

But of course, and I know you're thinking this already, the real question is why did I not get the guy's number, if not at the very least under the guise of 'I'm looking for someone to walk with regularly...."? No, why did I not get the guy to get my number, that is the REAL art.


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